Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Remembering Meighan

Last year, around this time, we were still kind of reeling from the surgical recovery. We were quite literally wiped out, emotionally, physically, so I did not have the energy to post last September 21, the 20th anniversary of the death of my friend Meighan Grassey. I remember thinking about how much I wanted to, and I wrote a blog about having lots I wanted to write about but no energy to write it, as I was very down on 09-22 of last year.

But I always think about her this time of year, easy enough to do because of the impact she had in my life, the fact that she died two days after my birthday, and the circumstances surrounding her death, via heart problems, at SUCH a young age.

Death for anyone sucks, don't get me wrong, I hate it. We all do.

But death of someone close to you in your life who is young is somehow extra difficult.

Not sure why.

Meighan and I did not attend the same high school, we met through the Youth Group I joined at St. Margaret's, the Catholic church I began to attend, and joined, by choice, as a teenager.

I'll pause for a moment and let that sink in to those who read this blog but haven't known me all my life.

Yes you read that correctly...I am a card-carrying Catholic, by choice, and Meighan and even a few readers of this blog attended the ceremony where I was baptized and joined the Catholic religion.

They were there for one of those few moments where I actually felt the 'touch' (I have a very weird blog planned about that down the road). Shame that they have to bear witness to this massive fall from Grace I have experienced as I have turned my back on Faith and God and rejected our relationship.

Again...another blog. Another time.

Anyway...I have this journal, entirely hand-written, I used to keep. I've been a 'writer' a long time. Thing is HUGE. Major sections about Meighan throughout the high school years and early collegiate era. A lot of stuff about the summer of 1989, and the problems she was having leading up to her death.

I wish I had the ability to transcribe all of that into digital text, but I don't have the time to get it all into Word, but its fascinating reading. Hell, now that I think about it, I guess I have been 'blogging' all my adult life, I just decided at one point to take it public.

A lot of folks whose lives were touched by Meighan I was hoping to see later this year at my 25th High School Reunion which I was actually planning to go to, but circumstances aren't going to allow it this year. I think instead, in typical Lilly fashion, sometime next year I will slither into Baltimore Ninja-Style and surprise some of those people and hang out with them and reminisce and chit-chat.

Might be fun. Especially Kutcher. I miss that sumbitch sometimes. That's why I like things like Facebook. At least I feel like I can still get a peek into some of these folks lives even though I live so far away.

Anyway, Meighan, if there is a Heaven, and I'm 3,000% sure you are there if there is one, and I expect that you are one of its premier members too, and if they have laptops in that place (which they should, I mean, I assume God would have an Amercian Express Centurion Card), then perhaps you'll be using one at a local coffee shop, sipping a latte with Eddie Wires, listening to John Lennon who is playing a solo guitar set in the background, and checking this out and smiling.

At least I hope so...



  1. I remember Meighan...she was special.

  2. I lost a very dear childhood friend of mine in 2000 to Cancer...I stil remeber how we would laugh so hard we would almost pee ourselves! On really down days I think of her and still cry..:(

  3. Beautiful...and sad. But mostly beautiful.


  4. Ken, Thank you for remembering Meighan. It is hard to believe it has been 21 yrs. She and I were the same age, went to the same school, same church, and youth group, but I hardly knew Meighan. And still her death had a huge impact on my life. Her death taught me things I still carry with me each and every day.

  5. What a beautiful tribute to your dear friend...


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