Monday, September 13, 2010

Some Nifty Hardware

Jen discovered some stuff, of which I was of course blissfully unaware (though I recently discovered how to add props to my Avatar in X-Box Live), regarding tools to help Bennett learn to eat. Even though they are made of the Evil of Man known as Plastic, they are very functionally designed for that extra push that kids that need a little help figuring out the whole spoon/fork thing require.

Now keep in mind. We started using this a week ago. He had no ability at all to feed himself with a fork and spoon without us having to load each spoonful or forkful, and of course the plate/bowl had to be constantly held down by a nearby parental unit. These place-mats suction to the surface of the table, the bowls suction to the cup on the placement. Pull the release, bowl come up, peel up place-mat, wash. The utensils have extra curvature to help keep the foods from spilling out. We tried it with Cheerios in milk and he actually did very well.

Frankly, this session (of which you saw but a small portion) I filmed was a C+ for him, I've seen him do way better than this. But I liked the fact that his 'tude was good and he did some sound mimicry which is also very good to see.

Anyway, focusing on the positives, not the negatives. Has he spent most of the rest of the evening screaming in some kind of state we can't figure out? Yeah. I do not know what he needs and he can't tell me. But I'll manage. I enjoyed the dinner, and I'll be screaming during Monday Night Football and he'll be the one who'll have to cope with that.



  1. You know...that's great! What a start...anything that helps him have control in his life will help him in the long run. Cool tools.

  2. Hurrah!!!! Thanks for posting the video! So great to see him achieving this milestone! (Yours, too, for focusing on it!) Very proud of you both!

  3. Awesome! I love those spoons. And several of the kids in the room next door to the one I work in use mats and bowls like that. Keep posting about these functional challenges. I may be able to help or know someone who has an idea.

    My son still struggles with silverware and stuffing food in his mouth.

  4. love the post -- he's a doll and so are you, screaming and everything!

  5. "Not in your nose!!!!!" That's awesome!

  6. Claire:
    Yeah. He needs that. Though I hate the spoons, they are far too rubbery and even he doesn't dig them. We may lose those.

    Cecilia Leger
    I'm trying to stay focused on the positive. It isn't always easy, but I'm trying.

    the other lion:
    See above about the spoons. We may have the wrong kind. Ours are semi rubbery, and so he can't get all the bite out. Very frustrating. His perfect spoon search continues while I continue to search for the perfect ear hair trimmer. My, the difference between 3 and 43.

    What do you do exactly? I am considering getting out of the manufacturing/art thing altogether and doing a career about face into the world of Autism/Special Needs. I just don't know exactly where to begin looking as far as what types of careers there are in the fields.

    Well, HE'S a doll, for sure. If I am, I'd be more akin to Chucky or something. :)

    Stryder Wolfe:
    Well he was going for some booger nuggets, didn't it look that way to you?

  7. Cool! I might have to look into that--Charlie is just now getting the ability to stab food, but still looses a lot on the way to his mouth. Mabye these would help.

    We need suction cups around here too--Charlie thinks there's nothing wrong with picking up the bowl and tipping it back, spilling the contents into his mouth, but also all over the place.

  8. Your little guy is doing GREAT! LOVED seeing the video....

    Colby can actually feed himself with a spoon, but he refuses....He actually hands the spoon (full of food) to ME and makes ME give it to him! (And of course, being the sap that I am, I do it for him....) They used to fuss at me all the time at school because he would come back on Monday and would hand the spoon to his teacher! They didn't like that I was feeding him one bit, but I thought it was hilarious!


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