Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What Scares the Brown Stuff Right Outta You?

OK, I know the stuff that scares most of us SN Parents, about our kids...that kind of thing I truly understand. And this question has nothing to do with those fears. In fact, should someone ever ask you a question about what frightens you the most the 'go-to' response of ANY parent should be regarding their kids.

If not you flunk Parenting 101.

But aside from that, and family and friends and junk, I'm talking primal, piss-your-pants type FEAR. We all have a few. Some of us have fears that are so paralyzing that they absolutely, positively affect our behavior. For example. I have a tremendous fear of these creatures that all need to be hunted down and killed.

Is that not the scariest image on the planet or what? DAMN it creeps me out just looking at that thing. What is most disturbing about the image is how calm the water is around the shark. Usually you see photos of sharks and they are exploding out of water at something.

This one is more...I dunno...beckoning. Like...c'mon in. Hey it's cool man. I won't bite. Much.


I am scared to death of them. And yet? They fascinate me as much as they scare the shit right outta me. However, I will not enter their domain. And I sure as shit will never allow my kids to. Regrettable. But hey, that's why they call it FEAR. They never said it was rational.

How about you? You got any poopy pants generating fears you want to share? Let's hear 'em.

Oh and by the of now, this week, it's safe to announce that Bennett is back to saying, with REGULARITY...'DAH-DEEE'. Two DISTINCTLY different syllables strung together, said in the same order, and often in DIRECT REFERENCE to yours truly. He even said 'CRAH-KUH' for the first time a couple of days ago, in reference to, you guessed it, a salty, crunchy treat.

It ain't Shakespeare, but Hell yes I'll take it. I'm working on trying to get him on digital video when he is being particularly chatty. Cause he still has the screaming fits too. But I've been researching ways to try to minimize that and have been stratemegizing. Will keep you posted.

The times they are a'changin'. :)



  1. Great to hear about Bennett!! Excellent, and tip of the iceberg, I'll bet! Deep fears...hmmmm....something about Catholic priests....

  2. You sure "cracker" was not about you as well? :)

    Pearlsky's first words are sure to be "fuck you, daddy" and that, my friend, scares the shit out of me.

  3. First - awesome on the Bennett news.

    Scared stuff: Being in an out of control car. Especially the car. I have nightmares that I'm in a car that's rolling backwards down a hill and I have no control - steering, brakes, nothing works and I can't get out. Always wake up with a pounding heart.

    Drowning. I did that when I was in 3rd grade and to this day, dipping my head under water, even holding my nose, sends me to the panic button. I'm a rational adult, dangit! I shouldn't react like that. But something got wired in my brain and I'm all Pavlovian on it now.

  4. Wow that's awesome about Bennett!! Is it weird that my mind also went to "white guy" when I read "crak-huh" or whatever?

    Wow though so much better than the old seizure days....awesome

    Ok fears. I don't really have many like that but since my almost-died car accident I am scared of that. Especially, and totally irrationally, when I drive down the street where I had the initial accident.

  5. That is some damn good news.

    I am with you on the sharks. They haunt me anad fascinate me.

  6. Awesome news about Bennett!

    Deep fears? Heaven with a bunch of evangelical Christians.

  7. Oddly enough, I had a night of nightmares full of my fears. Fears: Large dark/deep bodies of water, sharks, flying in a plane (which I'm doing in less than 48 hours). And then there's the dark only because I let my imagination run wild. I get the feeling that someone is always watching me when I'm in the dark, and not that good secure feeling either.

  8. Getting punched. I always feared getting into fights as a kid. not so much about the pain, as the question "am I able to hold my own?"

    10 years as a Deputy Sheriff, 3 of which were on midnights at the jail and getting into a fist fight EVERY SINGLE NIGHT it seemed, cured that real quick. A cracked rib, feces thrown in my face, and wrestling an HIV infected psychomaniac into restraints- and coming out of it all perfectly fine, changes your perspective on things.
    And after we got him restrained, the maniac spits out a razor blade!
    THAT made me shudder!
    Don't really fear much now. (Of course I chalk that up to my faith in Christ.)

    SOOOOOO glad to hear the good news about Bennett. Will continue to pray for him reguarly.

  9. YAY Bennett!!! My heart just flipped when I read that he started saying Dah-dee again! That is so great and I could hear the happiness in your words.

    As for the fear thing, I don't really know if I have any real fears outside of something happening to my family. Sure, I hate spiders and bugs in general, but I'm not petrified of them. Wait, just thought of one...snakes. I HATE SNAKES! Garden snakes to boa's....I don't care how small they are, they scare the begesus out of me. Outside of that, I'm pretty good with things in life. I guess being a volunteer firefighter and seeing/facing life and death situations nearly daily helps quell(sp?) the more basic fears in life for me.

  10. Wonderful news about Bennett! Atta-boy.

    Fear: Sounding like an idiot in front of a class. I have nightmares about that. Funny thing, I totally blew a long explanation about something or other and, red faced, sweating, said to about 30 students..."You know, I really messed that up. Sorry about that. I'll review it and get back to you."

    The good news is, I didn't die.

    Maybe you could face your fear with know, build a relationship, reach out, let him see what you're made of, inside and out. Could be the beginning (and very swift end) to a tasty friendship.

  11. First: the news about Bennett is the coolest, most wonderful thing I have heard all week!!!

    And the fear: water. My best friend and I went to the Potomac to go tubing (which is supposed to be relaxing right?)in flat water that only came up a little past my knees and I had a death grip on her the entire time. I felt like such a sissy.

  12. Awesome news about Bennett!
    I am terrified of fish. In the tank they are ok, but I can't stand swimming in lakes or God forbid...the ocean. Stingrays and jellifish creep me out, but honestly just little minnows do the trick too. I went skin diving when I was nine or so and I had a panic attack because the fish were swimming all around me. Never again!

  13. The "daddy" and "cracker" news is all I needed to hear tonight!!! I can only IMAGINE what you are feeling! GO BENNETT!!! (Colby can say "Mama" but only says it once in a blue moon! RARELY, I mean!)

    Fear? Losing one of my sons or my mom or sis...

    And too many other silly things to list...I am a true "fraidy cat" as I was called as a kid...



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