Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wanna See Something REALLY Scary?

That line, spoken by Dan Aykroyd to Albert Brooks in the opening 'teaser' sequence to the 1983 film Twilight Zone: The Movie, is one of the more memorable moments from the mostly forgettable film. Well, forgettable unless you happened to be related to Vic Morrow, Myca Dinh Le or Renee Shin-Yi Chen. I guess that's not really a fair thing to say. It was, after all, an 'accident'.

And truthfully, the film wasn't horrible as far as television-to-film adaptations go, it just wasn't really necessary, as so many of them aren't. Yes, I can admit that the George Miller directed adaptation of the classic episode 'Nightmare at 20,000 Feet' that originally starred William Shatner was easily the best of the four segments and very entertaining.

Though I still say, especially since it was 1983...IT SHOULD HAVE RE-CAST CAPTAIN KIRK IN THE SAME ROLE.

And the Spielberg-directed remake of the episode 'Kick the Can' was heart-warming and charming in that way that delivers the smiles with the cheese and yet somehow doesn't come across as overly 'cheesy', in that style that only Spielberg is capable of doing.

But necessary? No...and I know why I believe that to be true. I've never once, EVER, looked for it on DVD.

And yet, whenever I say the line 'You wanna see something REALLY scary?' I always think of that movie.

So what does that say?

Somehow, in some way, some aspect of it was good enough to stick with me.

And of course, none of that has a DAMN thing to do with this.

But, wanna see something REALLY scary?

Check out THIS shit. It's an article sent to me by Kim, who usually sends my silly stuff to cheer me up but decided I've been way too happy and calm lately and decided I needed to worry and stress out more about stuff.

Thanks Kim! :)

Everyday Chemicals May Be Harming Kids

I posted a link to this on my Facebook page yesterday, and I posed this question. Do you ever sit there and think you are fighting an un-winnable war?

I do, and when I read stuff like this it only reinforces this feeling.

How do you protect your kids? And can you really? How far can you really take it and is it ever going to be enough? Can you afford it? How much is too much? What kind of control do you really have?

I remember when, almost two years ago now, I quit smoking. I was so proud of myself because I was not going to be exposing my kids or my wife or myself to all that crap anymore.

And don't get me wrong, I have ZERO regrets about that. Zero. We obviously don't expose them to chemicals in the house that we KNOW of that are bad for them, but hell, a well-respected physician didn't even know about all the stuff that was in the home that had never been tested by the EPA in that article.

We don't give the kids 'diet' foods that have Aspartame, limit the junk foods and we try to limit their exposure to meats that have growth hormone (though anything else, you have to TRUST that there is compliance, but that's another issue). There has been talk of some more radical shifts in diet, to see if we can make some alterations in mood/behavior in a more natural way. But aside from going super radical, we try to make sure they take their vitamins, get their fiber and a balanced diet, lots of water, get them out and active, etc., etc.

The stuff you think you are SUPPOSED to do as a Mom and Dad.

But then you wonder...what else is there in the house that might be contributing to Bennett's problems that have nothing to do with his diet? I can't deny that it doesn't cross my mind. We live in such a chemical world, but how do I even begin to wrap my head around the sheer raw amount of junk that there actually is all within, say five square feet of where I am sitting right now?

An old friend of mine from my high school days left an interesting comment on Facebook which was very telling about the double-edged sword that can exist even in the act of trying to 'do something' good. She said 'I now use vinegar to clean with, so to avoid harsh chemicals. But the apples it was made from can have pesticides, too. No easy answers there.' She's right.

It's mind-boggling, really. One could, if one was so inclined, drive oneself nuts by going down this road of analysis. But on the other hand, you have do something.

But the real question is...WHAT?





  1. dude there's no possibly way to avoid it. You can go totally Amish and grow all your own food and live like a pioneer in a log cabin without electricity or toilet paper and STILL the toxic shit is going to rain down on you from the sky. It's in the water, it's in the air, it's in the ground under our feet....even the sun, the one thing that makes life on earth possible above all others, is killing us. Sit back, enjoy as much of the ride as you can, and let the rest go. Human life expectancy, despite all these horrible dangers, is rising.

    Could it be that it's not really that bad and that the mainstream American media just has an interest in keeping you afraid???

  2. I know that if our ten year old eats cereal - he loses the ability to focus on school. If he eats eggs, he can focus fine. I mean, it's a RADICAL change. It was alarming to see.
    But as far as the toxic crap, it sucks. Truly truly sucks.

  3. Sorry about the buzz-kill email...

    Maybe the best any of us can do is just that: the best we can do. Whether we are caring for kids, our parents, our spouses, we give it our best damn shot...and that's what we have done for thousands of years. Whether we try to avoid toxins, or dangers, or filth people have always battled something harmful in trying to protect their families. Mastodon stampede isn't a worry now, but fumes from wall to wall carpeting is...

    And yeah, it sucks.

    But...we all have to get up, fight the fight and hope for the best --- day after day. Fighting the battle is important. Winning seems to be up to something else to decide...

    Wow...I'm cranky. Note to self: chocolate, peanut butter, soda and coffee make me SURLY!

    I'll eat a proper lunch tomorrow and post commments only afterwards!

  4. small things, small things, small things.

    meditate, meditate, meditate

    when it gets to be too much, say "what the hell" and let it go.

    I tend to think it's because we're afraid of death, plain and simple.

    That being said, I've been on the no toxic chemicals in the home for almost as long as Sophie has been alive (almost sixteen years). Do I think surrounding her with as much "clean" stuff as I can (furniture, bedding, rugs, shampoos, food, etc.) directly helps her? Definitely. I think her quality of life and general health is far greater -- as is my sons'. Has it stopped her seizures? Hell no.

    Finally, and I apologize for ranting on but I do believe we've poisoned a generation with the relentless chemicalization of our food supply, air, etc. Genes mutate and they're mutating. We might have a longer life expectancy but the illnesses that might have killed us before have been replaced with different ones, and I'm not sure that's so great.


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