Monday, November 22, 2010

50 Random Things I'm Thankful For #01 - #05

And you thought I couldn't pull it off.

Hell, I didn't think I could pull it off. But here it is, in all its glory. And the best news of all is that it is already done. I managed to, in celebration of this week of Thanksgiving, come up with 50 Random Things that I am thankful for.

The truth? If I kept going I could have come up with 50 more, then 50 after that. Because as I explored each 'thread', so to speak, one thing led to another led to another. It was an interesting exercise. What I found was that I had to actually limit myself in the interest of keeping the blog more interesting to general readership.

What do I mean by that? Well, I could rattle off 50 people by name and be done with it...but what does that really serve as far as being interesting to read? If you are not on the list? Not a whole helluva lot to be quite frank. So it was a challenge to sort through things like that and try to focus.

I think I'm gonna make this an annual thing. And give it a name. So this is the first annual...what....I dunno...LOFTY 2010? List of Fifty Thanks for the Year? I KNOW that's actually LOFTFTY but cut me some slack. I'm certainly open to suggestions.

Anyway...let's get on with it! Remember, these are in no actual order of importance or sequence, they just happened as they came to me, and you can click on the thumbnail for the larger picture of what I am referring to in the text.

#01 - Thanks for Online Dating Services and Meijer Parking Lots

LONG before it was hip to do so, and long before there were even commercials that advertised it, I had an account on In the late summer of 1999 I had been considering canceling the account, as I had been using it around a year, met a dozen or so women on the site and frankly was not impressed.

I used it because I was so busy with work I had zero time to meet anyone.

In early August, the ad was answered by the woman in the photograph above, and after some e-mails and phone calls, on August 28th, 1999 I met her in the parking lot of a Meijer department store in order to go on our first date. We married in December of 2002 and have been together ever since.

#02 - Thanks for Having a Personality That Makes Up For Deteriorating Physical Appearance

As you can tell by the photo in #01 compared to any photo you may have seen of me, I won the Chick Lottery, and Jennifer? Well, she got the blow-up Pirate Sword at the carnival that deflates as soon as you get it home. Since marrying me I lost my hair and had to compensate by growing a beard.

But thankfully, when you add glasses to that, you get a 'look'. And LUCKILY, that look, somehow, matches up to a G.I. JOE action figure head of Wild Bill, so even though Jennifer got the shit end of the stick as far as what she has to look at each and every day, I get to customize myself into all kinds of different action figures.


#03 - Thanks to Friends Who Have Taken Advantage of That Look And Sent Me Cool Stuff Because of It

Friends like Steve Seefeldt, who introduced me to the Wild Bill head in the first place by sending me a Kubrick Stormtrooper with my (well, Wild Bill's) head on it, or friends like Quinn Rollins, who writes his very own blog about customizing Little People, Muppets, and various other fun stuff called Quinnarama.

Way back in the day he created a Little People version of yours truly as a Jedi Knight, complete with my very own R2 unit as a companion. Love it.

#04 - Thanks to Facebook for Never Letting Me Lose Touch With Those Little and Not-so-Little People

And, of course, for reconnecting me with a LOT of other people who I thought I would never hear from again. See, back in those days, when Quinn sent me that Jedi Knight, I was fairly easy enough to find, on the Palisades Toys website, on the Message Board, places like that. Those days are gone.

But thankfully, there's Facebook.

So not only do I get to stay in touch with all those guys and gals from those old Palisades days, but also people from high school, family, and friends that I had LONG since lost touch with. It's an incredible tool...I just wish I'd thought of it. It certainly keeps your world at your fingertips.

#05 - Thanks Duct Tape...for Just Being You

I did say this was 50 RANDOM things, right? Well, if Facebook keeps the world at your fingertips, then Duct Tape keeps the world from falling apart. No man alive, or woman, should ever be caught anywhere without a roll of duct tape handy. It is the UNIVERSAL temporary fix-it for almost any problem you may have.

Someone really needs to build a monument or a statue to Duct Tape. I have been looking for something to do as a hobby...



  1. Awesome list so far! And Duct Tape is the unsung hero of the planet, I tells ya.

  2. Yeah -- I'm with Stryder Wolfe: My kitchen sink p-trap rotted through before I moved in, so the pipe has been nothing but rusted metal flakes and duct tape for 5 years. Far as I'm concerned that's a Common Law Pipe...


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