Wednesday, November 24, 2010

50 Random Things I'm Thankful For #26 - #30

Continuing with the list of Random Things I'm Thankful For in 2010, or what I like to call LOFTY 2010, until someone else blows me away with something better. These aren't in any order as far as importance, I just wrote them as they came to me.

Now...on with the thanksgivingfulness...

#26 - Thanks, Blogger, for the Outlet and Info Dispersion

Yeah, I use you a bit for therapy, but you are also a damn good tool for information dispersion to a wide range of people in one swoop. Stuck here in the center of Ohio, I can reach so many people at one time, in one sitting, all over the globe, and that's a good thing. Mom gets her updates on the kids, so do so many others.

And it works in reverse, as I get to stay on top of all the OTHER people I care about, some of whom I know personally, others who I have never met, but who I feel as if I have known all my life.

You are weird though, Blogger, I gotta hand it to you. You break down barriers in a very strange way...make us say things that surprise even us. I'm sure, one day, the authors that feed you may one day look back and say 'Oh shit, can't BELIEVE I said that...' but for now, I'll just say 'Thanks.' do give me something to DO...this is OHIO, after all.

#27 - Thanks Columbus, for an Awesome Zoo

It's nationally renowned, and with good reason. We go several times a year. Or I should say, we WENT several times a year. Since Bennett's issues started, that has slowed down. A lot. We'll have to see what happens with Bennett before we see what happens with us going anywhere with regularity, quite honestly.

But as far as Zoo's go, if you like that sort of thing, it's hard to beat the Columbus Zoo. Maybe San Diego, I have been to that one...and it's good, don't get me wrong, probably a little superior to Columbus, but San Diego isn't 25 minutes away.

So thanks, Jack Hanna...nice place you got there.

#28 - Thanks LOST, you Still Have Not Been Replaced

You watch a lot of TV in Ohio, too. It seems like only yesterday there was a nice chunky handful of shows that Jennifer and I were watching with regularity on the boob tube. 24, Battlestar Galactica, The Shield and LOST, maybe a few others. The cream of the crop being The Shield and LOST.

Everything is gone now. The ONLY show we currently watch is The Walking Dead. It's good, but it isn't LOST. Nothing is. At least, nothing is so FAR. We hope something comes along that has the emotional impact that LOST had on us. Or The Shield.

I don't see anything on the horizon though. Not that I see just bad TV, but TV that is extraordinarily special is just...rare, that's all. That's why when it comes along, you are that much more thankful for it.

Might be time to pull out the DVD's again...

#29 - Thanks for Small Town Fairs and Other Funky Activities

So what else do you do to keep yourself occupied in the sleepy town of Sunbury? You go to the annual County Fairs and other festivities, which I have talked about in these pages before. They are a nice diversion for the kids especially, and if you approach them with the right mindset they can be fun for the whole family.

Yes they are over-priced. Yes there are funky smells. Yes you need to be really careful about the food. But what the's small town middle America at its finest, and there is a purity to it that, if you really let it take you over, takes you to a simpler time, a simpler place.

It can be very Normal Rockwell.

#30 - Thanks Cleveland, for Having a Great Clinic

You know, I don't really mean to dis Ohio as much as I do. I do so in jest for the most part. It's actually a beautiful state, with a great deal to offer. We are extremely, EXTREMELY lucky to be here. We live in a very safe community, and I could rattle off a list of benefits that Bennett receives that depend entirely upon where we live that would make your head spin.

We have one of the most intense college sports rivalries on the planet, a rich American history and contribution to American society, two NFL football teams, two Major League Baseball teams and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

We also have the Cleveland Clinic, the 4th ranked hospital in the United States, which houses the surgeons who stopped my son from having daily seizures. How can you NOT be thankful for THAT? Yes, it also happens to have Nationwide Children's Hospital, in Columbus, that mis-diagnosed Bennett in the beginning of all of this, but don't hold that against Ohio...hold that against the people who did the diagnosing.

We still make the trip to Cleveland Clinic, every 3 months, to make sure Bennett's tumor doesn't come back. Each and every time he receives the same level of amazing care and attention. Each and every time they cross every 'T' and dot every 'I'. They take NOTHING for granted even though they have seen us and know who we are.

Yeah...they're good. And for that...I'm thankful.



  1. "...I get to stay on top of all the OTHER people I care about..." That's my favourite part. (I know, I know, I am SUCH a pain.)

  2. I meant, 'as opposed to the people I communicate with off-line' but it didn't come out like I meant. Didn't mean for it to sound so self-centered.

  3. The Walking Dead is pretty bad ass. Two more episodes for the season.

  4. Ken...I was talking about the "on top of" part. You should know that about me. ;)


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