Thursday, November 25, 2010

50 Random Things I'm Thankful For #31 - #35

Brief update on the events of last night first. Carter was NOT admitted to the hospital. We were prescribed a medication to lower his blood pressure. No pharmacy that is open today has it.


We are to keep his sodium levels down as much as we can, fluids up, and watch the pressure. As of last night the highest reading before the meds was 143 over 96. This kidney thing sucks. Is it serious?

In most cases? No. Am I over-worrying? Perhaps. But I sure as shit know what it is like to LOSE THE WAR AGAINST INCREDIBLE ODDS when it comes to a kid, and so therefore, I believe I have earned the right to be uneasy.


Plus, this 'un-related swelling of his glands and super-enlargement of his tonsils'?

I just want some fucking answers.


I won't get them. I know this from past experience. I just want them.

So...happy FREAKIN' Thanksgiving. I'm getting by, but truthfully? I miss my Mom. Bottom line. I love my wife, I love my kids, and the in-laws and extended family are great. But I'd give quite a bit for a Mom-hug today. Quite a bit.

SO...Continuing with the list of Random Things I'm Thankful For in 2010, or what I like to call LOFTY 2010, until someone else blows me away with something better. These aren't in any order as far as importance, I just wrote them as they came to me.

Now...on with the thanksgivingfulness...

#31 - Thanks to All the Turkeys...You're Sacrifice Today is Always Cherished

And good holy JAYZOOZ, you are one tasty creature. I love ripping into your tender flesh. In fact, so much so that I often cook one of you bad boys up over the summer, just because I can't wait until winter to sink my teeth into one of you guys.

I'm a carnivore. I love meat. And you're meat. Whether it is the white kind or the dark kind, you are oh so very scrumptiously delicious. And you make a HELLUVA sandwich the day after.

And the day after that.

And the day after that.

Not so much the day after that.

In fact, by Christmas I'm totally thinking Pig.

But thanks.

#32 - Thanks, SingleDad, for Reminding Me of Something I Forgot...Wet/Dry Vacs Deserve a Slot

I mean, I did mention Duct Tape, and how in the world could I leave out the Wet/Dry or 'Shop Vac'? Next to Duct Tape and another invention mentioned later on this list, it is one of those inventions where, were I to meet the guy who thought of it, I might have to at least consider letting him make out with me.

It's that good.

Why'd that suddenly sneak in there at this stage of the list?

A couple of reasons. First, because SingleDad is a good person. And he, like so many others, e-mailed me personally to ask me how Carter was doing. That alone is worthy of thanks (as I owe ALL of you thanks for all the concern). And yet, he did so despite all the heaps of shit piled up in his own world, not the least of which was his own Three Stooges moment today with a defrosting turkey in a sink and a distraction that caused a need for, you guessed it...a shop vac.

Read his Thanksgiving Blog for the full story.

And thanks SD...for everything. You inspire, you're a good friend, and you reminded me that Wet/Dry Vacs absolutely belong on this year's list of 50 Things.

#33 - Thanks George, I Love The Giggle of the Turkey Thingie, Though the Extra Weight Makes That Less Obvious

When I think of Turkeys, I think of those things that giggle under their chins. What are those things called? Wattles I think, not gobblers as many people call them. And when I think of those I think of, you guessed it, Mr. George Lucas.

As the years have gone by, Mr. Lucas's Wattle has changed. When he just started to gain some poundage, it was much more wiggly. But over the most recent of months, as the face had really filled out, it is much more of just your standard, average double-chin. But that fluctuates too, because he loses and gains, so sometimes it goes from Wattle to DC back to Wattle again.

None of that matters to me, really, I just say thanks to George Lucas, because despite the fact that he became the very Empire he so desperately fought against in the 1970's I will never forget what he DID for me in the 1970's, which was rescue me from a prison of psychological isolation.

As the child of an abusive Step-Father, I was massively introspective, and remarkably un-inspired. In 1977, when I saw Star Wars, something 'activated' within me, a spark ignited, and I found something that I could use as a weapon in my fight against my own Empire at home...imagination.

I've never forgotten it, the impact of what Star Wars did for my life, overall. And will always be grateful for the doors it opened. So thanks George. And thanks for Jar-Jar Binks finally gave the Star Wars Universe something worse than the Ewoks, thus making the Ewoks somewhat cool, thereby making Return of the Jedi all that much more watchable again.

In some odd, bizarre twisted way, your work was more of a Father to me than either of my two Dads. How freaky weird is that?

#34 - Speaking of Return of the Jedi, Thanks for the Slave Leia Idea...That Never Gets Old

And thanks, too, to Gentle Giant, for producing what has been, to date, the greatest Slave Leia, or for the more politically correct 'Princess Leia as Jabba's Prisoner' statue to date. It's so eerily good. Looks remarkable like a young Carrie Fisher, and despite some nitpicks I have with the factory paint job, it still remains as one of my all-time favorite Star Wars collectibles.

It's also one that I paid full price for, that's how much I dug it.

It's a shame this is a brief look too, It really deserves a complete photo shoot to do it justice. It's great. But I'll save it for another time. Alas, just like anything else in the house these days, it is not nailed down. Meaning that anything and everything at some point will have a listing created for it on eBay. I'll price it high, and if it sells I'll have to let it go, but I won't be happy about it.

And yes...I know you are curious, and the answer, for all these years, has been no. Jennifer refuses to even consider wearing the outfit.

#35 - Thanks Hasbro, for Taking the Second Best Toy of My Childhood and Making it the Best Toy of My Adulthood

The greatest toy I owned, next to the original Kenner Death Star Playset, was the Kenner Millennium Falcon Spaceship. For a kid my age, it was frakkin' awesome.

But as time passed, it became less and less impressive. As I began to get older and more discriminating, I saw all the flaws in scale, in detail, in design. But Kenner, even after Hasbro bought them out, kept re-issuing the same ship, with new deco, again and again and again.


But then, the seas parted, and...a MIRACLE came down from the Heavens and renewed our faith in Hasbro...the Legacy Collection Millennium Falcon. Yeah sure, it was $150.00, but it was worth every single stinkin' penny. I mean LOOK AT IT. LOOK AT IT!!! It's almost TWICE the size as its predecessor, and you can't even see, just from this one pic, all the cool stuff it does, how many more play areas open up, how many more sounds and features it has.

I swear, as I opened it up earlier this year (yes, I waited over a year to get it so I could get it at a great deal) I nearly wept.

Thank you restored my faith in Star Wars vehicles again and made them cool once more.



  1. I'm not your mom, but hugs anyway. ((((((hugs)))))

  2. What a relief that Carter got to come home rather than stay over Thanksgiving. I thought about you guys yesterday, hoping you weren't stuck in a hospital.

    By the way, loved your bit about your turkey love! :)

    Hope this holiday season takes a turn for the better for the Lilly's. Hugs...


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