Tuesday, November 2, 2010

iPad iGiveaway for the iHolidays!

And if you want an iChance in iHell to iWin an iPad just in time to be the iHero for the iHolidays, then you owe it to yourself to go over to Marissa's Bunny, because there is a sponsored iGiveaway currently in progress going on iRight iNow.

As usual, his blog isn't letting me leave any comments right now, some kind of java glitch on my end I suspect, but I wanted to say how cool it was that his company donated the iPad and how much cooler it was that his company was matching donations currently for Marissa.

In case you did not know, his daughter has intractable seizures right now, and they are trying to get a very radical (hard to explain it, or I would make the attempt) but very hopeful surgery performed, they are just waiting for the right window to open up in Marissa. She needs to go a set number of hours without a certain seizure type and then in she goes.

Imagine the stress level, the ups and downs. It's...well, frankly, I've been THROUGH surgery with Bennett, and I can't even imagine that.

Anyway, go check out their iGiveaway, enter the iContest, make a donation if you are able, and mostly, keep Marissa in your thoughts.


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  1. If anybody is having problems leaving a comment, there's a few things to try.

    1) Temporarily disable your ad blocker. I've got no popups on Marissasbunny.com. Never will.

    2) Email Marissa your comment, and I'll put it in for you!

    Thanks everybody!


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