Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just a Quickie

I know how some people tend to panic when I don't post for two days.

But you gotta remember. That was Old Ken. This is Bright Shiny New Ken. Bright Shiny New Ken has just been busy as Hell. Tuesday was Election Day, I have many things to say about that, then yesterday was Bennett's IEP Meeting with the Big Walnut School District, then scrambling around in the afternoon. Toss in some actual paying work to do, household stuff, and so on and so forth.

Then today was the Observation Session at Bennett's school. TONS of stuff in my head to process and spit out, PLUS the first ever Parent-Teacher conference for Carter's Kindergarten class, which I couldn't go to because I was doing Bennett's Quarterly review at his school (after the Observation) while Mrs. Lilly handled that one. Then back to Lillyville for comparing notes between the spouses, then picking up the kids and then afternoon therapy for Bennett and get something ready for the little grumbling bellies that are going to be home soon.

Oh yeah, and need to get some stuff done that is actual WORK, I did mention that for today too yeah? Need some scratch to pay The Man. Not to mention certain Crises erupting or continuing on several of my Brethren and Sistren's sites that I need to check in on because...well, just because.

Exhausted? Yes.

Enlightened? Sure.

A bit kicked in the teeth a few times? Yeah, but waddya gonna do, no one likes seeing this shit in black and white, their YOUR KIDS. And no one likes evaluations two days in a row. Sometimes that's how it shakes out.

But down? Nah...encouraged and motivated. With a list the length of Reed Richard's arm...and not when he's just hanging out around the house, unless he stretches when he is just hanging out around the house. You think Sue ever asks him to...? Nah...I just refuse to believe it.

Anyway...that's all I have, for now.

Just sit tight. Go watch some TV. Read a book. Take a hot bath. Do...whatever it is you do when you aren't all a-twitter waiting to read my crap. Actually, my biggest regret of the more frenetic pace of the week? Twofold actually...I haven't been able to hit as many of my friend's blogs and I haven't had a chance to respond to all the comments from last week.

I will. Soon.




  1. The school district is really called "Big Walnut"?

  2. Thank you for posting the quickie! Looking forward to all of the infor on Bennett, Big Walnut (?!), Carter's conference and the stuff you learned during the observation. Take care, breathe and smile!

  3. I can't even imagine going to an IEP and dealing with election day. It was hard to even type that.

  4. Can't wait to get more and more reports from "The Big Walnut!"

    You seem pretty satisfied right now...At least that Bennett is being given the opportunities he needs....That's all we ever really want for our kids....Just the OPPORTUNITY....


  5. dude of COURSE Sue asks him too. Why do you think the biggest dweeb in the MU gets one of the hottest girls...and one that's seemingly much younger too. Besides, if you had the power to stretch, don't you think it would come into play eventually??

  6. Wow. Even with all you have going on, which is enough itself to make anyone's head sound fantastic! I'm liking Bright Shiny New Ken! :) Not that I didn't like you before, mind you. ;)

  7. Somewhere over the course of the past couple years...Life has slowly picked up pace. Funny how less seizures equals less free time? Totally didn't see that coming. And now...sometimes...when I'm being honest as opposed to my natural bent towards nicey's refreshing to only have a few blog posts to read per day. :)

    So I can do things Watch tv. De-fang Trevy from my arm...


    But I still like reading your crap. ;)



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