Monday, November 29, 2010

Mission...Accomplished. Well, Sort Of.

Unlike our former Commander in Chief, I set out to do exactly what I said I was going to do. To be more specific, I did TWO things I said I was going to do. Originally, several weeks back, I set a goal to hit 20 for a post count for the month of November.

I did that.

In order to do that, I decided that I would come up with a list of 50 things I was thankful for in celebration of Thanksgiving, something that most people don't traditionally 'celebrate' in any way OTHER than stuffing their mouths full of fatty foods and watching football.

I did that too.

Considering all the stuff going on in my world at any given moment, I have decided that there is no hand on this planet large enough to give me the pat on the back that I deserve. So I am simply going to conjure one up in my head and give one to myself. Especially since no one else is lining up to.

I earned it.

That list might seem like it was easy, but it actually wasn't. The easy route would have been to go with people or more specifics, but I kept it general and I think I kept it very entertaining. In other words, not only did I force myself to be and think positive for a full fuggin' week, but I also kept it interesting in a general sense from the perspective of being an 'author'.

Yes, I know...I'll try not to break my neck sucking my own...well, you get the idea.


And that doesn't happen very often, so I had, of course, planned to bask in it for an afternoon, do you mind? But this afternoon, I logged in and started reading some blogs, and then of course realized that in truth? I accomplished nothing at all really, except some clever words, a few funny stories and some minor distractions.

No, the giant pats on the back should not be directed towards me or the stuff I wrote about this week. They should be going places like here, or here, or here, or here, or here, or here, or here and many other places, with people writing about stuff that really matters. Big time, life-changing stuff.

Giant hand-on-the-back-worthy stuff. Attaboy stuff.

So I humbly duck just as the giant hand whooshes overhead, and let the thing pass on by, and recognize the week for what it was...a romp, nothing more, nothing less, and leave it at that.

I did learn one thing though...I use the word 'actually' WAY too much, actually. I'm going to make a concerted effort to use it less, actually.



  1. Actually...I enjoyed the LOFTY. I always enjoy your humor.

    And DO give your self a pat. You've had to cover some of the heaviest subject matter and you definitely deserved a break from it. Distractions are good, actually.

  2. Nah, I think you did great. And leave Bush alone...Ack! Another area in which we differ "slightly."

    We never know which piece of the puzzle we are offering with our words...or which one would be missing if we did not speak.
    (Dude...I just made that up! That sounds like a famous quote or something.)

    As an aside, watched Star Trek (the new version) Sat. night in Hi Def. (we finally got a HDTV). Had seen it before...loved it more this time.

  3. You SHOULD be proud of yourself. It's good to feel a fat head every now and then -- given the pinheadedness inherent in all of us --

    In all seriousness, I loved reading your thankful list and hope you'll keep up the pace of the blog posts!

  4. There you go again, not taking credit for a job well done, letting those old voices in your head telling you don't deserve a good word. Tell those voices to f-off, and pat yourself on the back. Buy yourself a drink, get a nice new dress. Dammnit you done good sir!

  5. You should be proud of yourself --- set a goal, reached the goal. Done and done!

    Yeah -- the list was a good read. Quite entertaining.

    Also, sifting through all of the things in your world deserving of gratitude seemed to be time well spent. It's easy to see and catalogue all of the things that are less-than-ideal, but making sure to note the positive is good for you and for those around you, too.

    I hope Carter is feeling better...and do you still have that cough?

  6. Holli:
    I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'll take the pat. Maybe I deserve it, maybe I don't. I think I tend to beat myself up more for what I feel behind the scenes, the stuff I am too ashamed to admit that I feel. It...leaks into these pages and then people are like...huh? But maybe, at some point, I should just pour it out and let people see what a friggin' scumbag I can be sometimes with some of the just shitty thoughts I have sometimes. There are times I think I should have my species card revoked.

    Thanks, overall, it was pretty good. I know you like Bush...I mean, GEORGE. We all like the other kind of Bush, I get that. IS it because he's a Texan, or because he's a Republican, a Christian, a conservative, or because he's an alcoholic? I'm curious.

    But I will say this...I don't think Bush is an evil man. I never disliked him. I just found his Iraq decisions to be dangerous and they proved one thing...Even the Best Presidents Can Have Daddy Issues. And human as it is, is just a scary proposition for a man who commands armies of men.

    But a 'bad' man? Nah...

    So you liked the new Trek better upon second viewing. I have not had this privilege yet. I will let you know. I did finish the second run through of Galactica finally. Second thoughts on the series after this run-through? Overall season? Five out of Five Stars. Finale? First half? 5 of 5. Second Half? 2 of 5.

    Thanks...and as for the rest...well, I had a lot to say to you off the grid. I hope it wasn't out of line. It was as from the heart as it gets for someone whose heart is rapidly getting crusted over with cynicism. Stay frosty sister.

    Can it be a pretty dress, with nice, soft fabrics and bright colors? I'll need it for the asylum I am headed for, as Bennett runs around screeching and pausing every once in a while to bite me and no one knows what he wants or needs to satisfy him. A sense of calm madness is slowly sort of engulfing me as I only half-listen now, just enough to make sure he doesn't hurt himself. The sounds are almost becoming a part of the house, like the heat kicking on.

    I am losing it. Big time. At least for a little while.

    Cough? Yeah I do...though it is diminishing, so I worry less about it. And I canceled my GI follow-up, thought you'd appreciate that. I just couldn't handle another thing right now. It took all I had just to make my shrink appointment and Carter's behavioral therapists appointment in the same day, so I canceled the GI which was in that same day. I was already exhausted.


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