Friday, December 3, 2010

If Christopher Lloyd Had His Way With Me

AND assuming I was impregnated by such a horrifying act.

AND assuming the males of our fine species were able to carry those pregnancies to term.

AND assuming that the baby, a boy, survived the birth (I really hope it was a C-section...) and grew up in good health AND with good luck when it came to dodging the funky things like Infantile Spasms, Tumors, Leukemia, Downs, Fragile X, Autism, CP, and all the other bullets that he would need to get all Matrix on.

AND assuming that the child grew up with a decent enough self-image considering that not only was one of his parents Christopher Lloyd WAY past his prime but also me...just a wee bit past his prime.

AND assuming that this child, now a young man, chose to serve the public good and go into law enforcement in some fine county in some state in these great United States of America.

Then there is a very serious possibility that this man would look something like this.

Wacky, huh?



  1. I think the two of you might have had a 3-way with Jamie Hynemann from Mythbusters.

    A paternity test might be in order.

  2. You are so incredibly strange. Your head goes weird weird places.

  3. Carol:
    Hey Mom.

    Good call. Don't watch the show, so I missed that.

    Yeah...too much vomit and diarrhea from Bennett this week (he was sick), and a major new thing in his life, severe separation anxiety from Jennifer, has my head spinning...this post came from out WAY beyond the corn PAST left field.

    I sure as shit hope so...cause Continuum be damned I'm going to get a message to him to go back a few years and fix a few things for me, dammit.


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