Thursday, December 30, 2010

I’m a Driver. I’m a Winner.

Things are gonna change I can feel it.

I know everyone was on the edge of their collective seats, wondering how I fared in my Fantasy Football Super Bowl, especially considering the fact that Sunday Night's Vikings/Eagles game was canceled due to snow and moved to Tuesday. Excuse me?

Yes, the debate continues to rage about just how far this whole 'safety' thing is really going to go, and some fear that soon we will see flags dangling from the belts of our beloved players, but let's hope not. Me? I want to see it go the OTHER way.

Yup. Random land mines throughout the field, set by the league, so neither team knows where they are.

But I digress.

Indeed, no need to drag it out or try to surprise you (I think the title KIND of gave it away already, no?) but yes, I did win the Creatus Maximus Fantasy Football League Super Bowl. My team, Go-Go Godzilla!!! beat hbk1313 by the final score of 144 to 120.

This is the first Super Bowl victory for any Fantasy Team I have ever had in ANY league anywhere. This is not a 'money league'. By that I mean, I didn't put any money into a pot and so, in the end, I didn't actually WIN anything. Hell, not even a trophy.

If I felt like so inclined, I could order the Official Yahoo 2010 Bobblehead to commemorate my victory, but have you seen this turd?

I mean, HOLY SHIT. What a piece of junk.

This was one of the things Mike Horn and I used to talk about when I worked for him at The MVP Collection, creating a series of bronzed, smaller scale busts of players or SOMETHING that could be customized via printing on the base or a plate or something for people who are exactly in the position that I am in RIGHT NOW.

We even experimented with a 'bronze effect' on the Troy Polamalu bust that we were working on before I was laid off. The factory did a version with and without 'oxidation' effect. I was WAY more into the one that looked like it was aged. Sucks that those pieces are over in China right now, either broken into pieces or gathering dust somewhere, along with my beloved Ravens helmet. They were GORGEOUS busts.

The scary thing is, I would go right to the MVP site, TODAY, and place an order of a bronzed Ray Lewis Mini-Bust or some other football item if it was high enough quality, and if it was from us I know it would have been, with my 2010 League Championship info or score or whatever placed on the base of the bust in some fashion and proudly display it.

Ah, the what-might-have-been's...

But celebrate my victory, my first ever Championship victory after nine years or so of playing Fantasy Football with a cheap Bobblehead that looks like he is trying to take a dump?

I think I will pass on that and try to make a trophy on my own. I'll keep you posted. Hmmm...perhaps a Lomboobie Trophy? There's an idea...



  1. HAHAHAHA My Husband has one of those bobbleheads! I keep it in the cabinet...LOL

  2. yer trophy looks vaguely (among other things) like a Koozebanian

  3. Congrats!!!! I signed up for my first ever fantasy league on (to cover the playoffs). I'm looking forward to a glorious defeat since I know very little about football.

    And for somebody who closes her eyes during all shooting/fight scenes in every movie ever made, it's amazing that I totally agree with you about the need for football to stay raw and dangerous.

    I used to say I hated football because it was barbaric, until the Pats 2007 season when I actually sat down to watch (and learn about) the game. It is now so amazing to me, the sheer athleticism and physicality of the game.

    So bring on the land mines!

  4. I totally think you should get a trophy ---- and by "trophy", of course I mean "puppy"!

  5. Ken, I sculpted that Official Yahoo 2010 Bobblehead.

    Hah! You know I didn't!

    Take care, buddy! Best 2011 to you and your family!

  6. George Carlin! Landmines and having the red cross take the wounded off the field!


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