Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I've Got The Music In Me and I Can't Get it OUT!!!

I love reading your blogs, I really do.

And I love the fact that you love sharing inspirational music, and it is inspiring, and some of it is damn good. Though some of it is also damn bad, but to each his own.

But if there is any way, any way at all, to not have it automatically set to play every time a person opens your blog to read it can you change your settings for this to happen? I am making an open appeal, an urgent plea, to any and all bloggers who have this function set on their blogs.

You don't have to do this of course, your blog is your blog, and of course, in the end, I always have the option of not going back to the blog and choosing not to go there, as many people have opted not to come back here because of some of the things I do.

Freedom of Bloggery.

It's in the Constitution.

But I ask only because of scares the living shit out of me every time I go to your blog. I usually get some of my sports and other news from the Internet. Did you know recent statistics show that many people spend more time on the net than they do on TV?

It's true!

And I actually have the volume set high enough to hear these broadcasts of 'speaking folk', not actually adjusted for music. Generally, when it comes to music, I use my iPod and my Bose dock (rocks!).

So when I go to your blog, and your music starts blaring, I jump right out of my skin. It is so JARRING. Then I am madly scrolling down, desperately trying to find the player you have, frantically trying to find the pause button.

I finally hit it. Whew. Breathing heavy. Eyes wide.

But sometimes, I gotta be honest...I'm so fried by the experience, I sort of breeze through the blog and then back out.

But worse? If I get my wits back about me and start reading, and then if you have pics to click on, or links, and I click them and come back? THE SAME THING HAPPENS AND I FORGET AND THEN I JUMP OUT OF MY SKIN ALL OVER AGAIN BECAUSE I AM TOO DUMB TO REMEMBER EACH AND EVERY TIME THAT THIS HAPPENS.

So I'm on my knees, begging, to all people with these embedded music players. I've never understood why they are set to play as soon as someone shows up to the page...but if its possible, would you ever consider giving the reader the option to push play?

You could even make it a part of your blog! Could be fun. Update the songs, change up the tune list and tell us about some new tunes you've added so we can scroll down and check out the new selection. Viola! New posting fodder.

And the best part?

I have a better chance of not needing to increase my blood pressure medication.

And as you know...I'm very concerned about all the medications I'm on.



  1. Oh goodness I agree. Some of that music makes me want to crap bullets. Thankfully I have a mute button.

  2. Got rid of mine awhile back.Was hard to do because all of the songs I picked had something to do with our journey with Zoey and our journey with her.But I did it out of courtesy to some of my readers and it was in a weird way cathartic for me as I have a tad bit of OCD,some members of my family would say more than a tad bit but anyway,I felt like if I got rid or the music then something would happen to Zoey.Weird,I know but totally true.So I got rid of it and voila... Miss Z is fine.Readers are happy.It's all good.

    Now I head to my ipod instead for my music fix.

  3. OH MY GOD. Thank you for saying this. I HATE it so much when I go to a "musical" blog. It drives me insane. But I'm just too polite to ask -- I'm glad you're a rude guy.

  4. I'm with ya. Not because it startles me, but because I usually have some of my own music playing. I'm reading along and suddenly I start thinking my music player is possessed. Two songs playing simultaneously is not an enjoyable sound!

  5. I rarely have this problem, for two reasons. My computer at work has headphones plugged in it, but I rarely have the headphones on, so I can't hear it. And two, I rarely have the volume turned up on my iPod (the other spot I check blogs from). That said, I totally get where you are coming from.

  6. Thank you for that.


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