Monday, December 27, 2010

The Magic Number is 8. Again

I'm a clever son of a bitch, you gotta give me credit for that huh? See? The last post about the Number 8, about Followers, I was able to segue into this post because I was so busy over the weekend I wasn't able to write anything until today's post, and since today's post specifically involves the number 8 again, I was able to link the two titles together in a very...

Ah...who gives a shit, really?

What's important is this, dear readers...EIGHT years ago today, on December 27th, 2002, I got married.

Somehow I got myself a real hottie too.

Go figure.

I am 100% geek and I'll never win a beauty contest. I'm socially awkward at times though at other times, when I feel confident, I can be charming beyond measure, it just depends on the circumstances. I'm very unpredictable in that way. It's one of the things I wish I could figure out how to have control over within myself, because when I can BE that confident person I can accomplish tremendous things, like getting the girl. But when I am full of self-doubt and other things that weigh me down, well, you've seen it unfold first hand here.

It can paralyze me.

It's downright FUGLY.

But I guess I happened to be in the right state of mind, and in the right place at the right time in my life and circumstances were right in the life of Jennifer Saunders when our paths intersected. It is, quite frankly, a fascinating story how the two of us ended up together. I touched upon it only BRIEFLY in the first couple of entries in the 50 Random Things I'm Thankful For thing I went on with in November.

Perhaps one day I will tell the full tale.

Oh and by the way, it is true, Jennifer rarely reads this blog, and she still has never seen that 50 Random Things thing...she MIGHT see this one if she happens upon this page before it changes tomorrow, and then she MIGHT hit the link above if she skims down to it MAYBE.

Fellow blogger SingleDad once said to me, in a private (WELL NOT ANYMORE, JACKASS) e-mail that he would find a blog written by my wife very interesting. As would I!!! I laughed out loud. Not at him. Just at the very notion of that concept overall. While Jennifer doesn't stop me from doing it and she accepts that I have this...compulsion to do what I do, she has never fully understood why I do it. (Hey...sometimes I don't either.) And she would never do it. Just not her style. She is not an open book.

I am.

That's probably why the two of us have stayed together, even through all of this bullshit of the past 21 months. We tend to bookend each other in a lot of ways. In ways that people on the outside looking in do not see, but the two of us do. And we have a deep appreciation for that, we've talked about it.

So even though there is a better then 50% chance that you will never see this, and even though Carter is home sick today and he's back to having blood in his pee again and it's got us both worried to death, you're working from home today because the Home Health Aide called in sick and Bennett is wailing like a banshee over pretty much everything and today we can't quite figure out what he wants.

Meanwhile he entertains himself and alleviates his clear-cut boredom by beating on and biting Carter who is then screaming at Bennett and the house is in an unusually high state of chaos (even for us), occasionally there are a few moments of peace where we pass by each other and I look at you and you look at me and we smile or chuckle, and somehow, in some way I don't think I can explain to you or you can explain to me, it gets us through.

Happy Anniversary, Mrs. Lilly.

Same time next year? :P



  1. happy day to the two of you...
    hope you get a moment or two to yourselves!

  2. sweet, sweet post. Congratulations to you both -- hang in there --

    I know you will.

  3. Happy anniversary to you and your beautiful wife! I wish you many more love-filled years together.

  4. I had forgotten you two are just babies! (going on 14 ourselves...wait...that might be 15...)
    Happy Anniversary!!

  5. I can't say it better than they can ... so you're just gonna have to click here!

  6. Oh...I'm late to the game here! Happy Anniversary!

  7. Happy Anniversary to both of you. This year was our number eight as well. Two years to go before the big re-enactment in Vegas.

  8. In my sappy way...I love that we share a wedding month...

    And I sure hope Jen reads this one.




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