Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mr. Fantasy

WAY back at the beginning of the NFL season, I mentioned that for the first time that this was to be the first year in a LONG while I would not be participating in Fantasy Football.

Turns out I was wrong. At the 11th hour, my homies at the old Creatus Maximus message board pulled together a handful of guys to participate.

The season did not start well.

I had a dismal 2-4 record to start the year, even though I had some pretty good players, including the NFL's number one rusher in Arian Foster and Tom Brady, who I have had on my team as a QB almost every year and who always puts up good numbers.

After that 4th loss, I decided that I was sick of losing. I started making moves. I took some lessons to heart that I had learned from Mike Horn, who introduced me to Fantasy Football, and I started using the Free Agent market like a revolving door based on potential match-ups of the upcoming week. By the end of the season I had more 'moves' (transactions or movement of players) to and from the free agent list than any other manager.

I proceeded to win the next 7 games in a row. And although I'd love to take ALL the credit for that, I think a couple of the guys seemed to quit midway through and just didn't seem to care. In other words, they didn't make roster adjustments and kept players in their line-up they clearly should not have. (Does that tarnish this? Perhaps...but I'd rather enjoy it.)

I finished with a record of 9-4, one game under the leader of our league at 10-3. I had a playoff BYE, something I had never had before, since I was the number 2 seed. Then came this weekend's playoff game.

I won it.

What does that mean? It means that for the first time ever, since I stared playing Fantasy Football, next week my team will be playing in its first Fantasy Super Bowl. After starting 2-4. That's a pretty big deal to me, in a winter filled with lots of disappointment in a lot of different areas in my life, as stupid and ridiculous as this must sound to a lot of people, this one insignificant accomplishment actually means something to me.

And I know it sounds just as cliche as it does when the players in the NFL say it, but win or lose, I am just happy to have made it to the Super Bowl.

Fuck THAT.

I want to win it, obviously. I NEED it this month, it has been JUST as hard a month of December as I thought it was going to be and THEN some. And even though Elizabeth has already stopped reading by now since this is sports related, she totally could understand why something so little could become something so big in a world such as ours.

Clearly, it won't be an easy victory to pull out, my opponent's team is very, very good. He has won several Super Bowl's in our league. He USUALLY wins the Super Bowl in our league.



  1. I went the opposite. Started 6-0, ended up 11-4 and got crushed this week in the playoffs. Arian Foster, MJD, where were you?!?

    At least I got my buy-in back, but it has been about 10 years since I won the league.

  2. Well, I finally applied some of your teachings and it paid off for me. This isn't a money league, but I don't care. I just want the FEELING of being a winner. ONE TIME.

    Hey remember the year I used my first round pick to draft a Defense?

    Sniff...I was such a newbie. Just out of diapers.

  3. I've never understood Fantasy Football, but GOOD LUCK anyway! :)

    We need anything that will lift our spirits. Mine? Umm, dogs. And kicking Chad's butt on Guitar Hero. LOL Makes me smile, and even though I know it's silly in the grand scheme of things, I take fun (and distraction) any way I can get it. By the way, he can out play me any day on a REAL guitar. ;)

  4. My USUAL poison, Holli, for distraction, is X-Box...and lately it has been HALO: Reach. But man-o-man. I cannot for the life of me see how these kids are so damn FAST. I get my ASS kicked when I go play online.

    I feel like an old fart to be honest with you. And it wasn't that long ago I was actually GOOD at HALO, we would play in the offices at Palisades and I was a good player. But now? Holy crap I stink on ice.

  5. What does this mean? It means you knocked me out of of the final game! I thought about trades at the last minute, and decided to stick by my guys in the end. They did pretty well, but a potential injury turned definite and sealed the (losing) deal for me.

    I'm happy for you though, and hope to compete again next year. I've learned a little each year and enjoy it mire and more.

  6. This post left me more clueless than most of Eric's do...and that's sayin' something.

  7. Jason:
    Yeah, I hope we keep it going for next year. It is something to still cling to from 'THOSE DAYS'. I really thought you had a chance to win. Especially with the points your team needed and the fact that Cutler was still yet to play AND Peterson. When I saw that Peterson was out for good I knew I had it in the bag. Unless Cutler had the game of a lifetime I was in.

    Hey was it you who used to do those button/pins or somebody else from the old boards? I need to have some made for a project.

    Yer such a GIRL. It's so cool and sweet something I just don't see much anymore.

  8. I'm going to study up before next year. Probably trade more, and overall just more aware of my options.

    That was me with the buttons. Unfortunately I had to stop and get a real job when the kids were born, so I wound up selling off the equipment. It's been about 3 years now, so I wouldn't even know who to recommend for good service/prices. Wish I could help you out though.

  9. Mrs. Fantasy here, and I must not be much of a girl, because this post was right up my alley. My team too is going to the fantasy league Superbowl. Beat my brother last night (he is the league Commish and fancies himself the FF master) and will face off against my sister (and her fiance) this week. How's that for female domination?

    I credit my season's success to a pickup of Michael Vick just before he became the starter. And he has been my superstar. And yes, I also love dogs.

    Good luck this week! I'd like the win too.....having a rough December as well......but I'm just satisfied I beat my brother.

  10. It's all jabberwocky to me, but I'm happy for you.

  11. Liz:
    May the best man...um, WOMAN...win.

    Thanks. What's a Jabberwocky? Was it in Star Wars? :)

  12. Well, did you win the league?

    And, no, I don't remember you drafting D first. I do remember your first NFL game though.

  13. Yet To Be Determined.

    But thanks for asking.

    It stands as follows though. I am currently in the lead 135 to my opponents 113. He has one player left to play on Tuesday night. I have two players left to play, one on Monday and one on Tuesday.

    His Player:
    Philadelphia WR: Jeremy Maclin

    My Players:
    Philadelphia RB: LeSean McCoy
    Atlanta TE: Tony Gonzalez

    Key to the Game:
    My Free Agent Acquisition of the Week. I dumped a back-up QB I did not need anymore and picked up Tampa Bay Wide Receiver Mike Williams, who was available for some reason in our league. My opponent had Josh Freeman starting, who had a hell of a game. To try to negate any advantage Freeman might pose, I added Williams to my Roster and moved an injured Maurice Jones Drew to the bench. Williams caught 2 of Freeman's 4 or 5 TD's, thus helping me at least benefit some from his QB's success. A little tit for tat. That and Tom Brady and Dwayne Bowe both had GREAT games for me. It also helped that Baltimore shut down Peyton Hillis, his best RB.

    While he still has a chance to beat me...odds are in my favor I'd say. But I have to remember the words of Winston Wolf.


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