Sunday, December 19, 2010


I used to be a HUGE Major League Baseball fan, until I came to my senses and started liking the NFL.

One of the attractions to baseball was statistics. I love them. I do not know why, I am not a numbers guy in the slightest. I am terrible at Math. I struggled to get a 'C' in basic college Algebra.

So when I started reading Claire's Post about search word's that lead to her blog that were 'I Hate Having a Disabled Kid' I wondered first how she even knew how people were searching for her site, and then I wondered, what 'keywords' were people using that brought them to me?

Especially since my last post was about Blogzilly and its future, I was fascinated when Claire pointed me to a Statistics page I did not even know about. I have a SiteMeter thing that tells me how many page views I have and stuff though I have no idea what it means and the number is amazingly small, but this Statistics page in the Blogger user interface I never noticed before.

Wanna see some of the Statistics? They are fascinating.

Keywords - All-Time
Here is the list, All-Time, of Keywords that have led people to this blog. The field simply says 'Search Keywords', so I do not know where the searches actually took place. These are in order from top to bottom of most used.


resident evil alexia

fantasy world


holland sucks

random things to be thankful for

blogzilly blogspot

list of aed drugs

pictures of smiles

kenneth lilly galena ohio

Referring Sites All-Time
This should give you some idea of who is coming here from which website directly. At least, I think that is what it means. I am no Understander of All Things Web Related by any means, that is for sure.

Referring URL's All-Time
Not sure what this means does that differ from Web Sites? Wouldn't a URL be FROM a Web Site, and so if a URL referred someone here, why wouldn't this list match the list above? It does not. See? I told you that I am no Understander of All Things Web Related.,r:8,s:0&tx=110&ty=92

I dunno, I found it very interesting. But the most interesting overall? Which posts have been looked at the most.

Posts/Pageviews - All-Time
If I had been forced to guess, I would have been totally, 100% wrong. Even as I look at this list and think about the time span of all that has transpired over the past couple of years, I find this particular statistical analysis utterly FASCINATING.

Artists Alley: Alberto Vargas
Aug 18, 2009

Resident Evil Alexia Evolution
Mar 4, 2009

Nov 19, 2009

Re-Examining the Skull
Apr 22, 2010

My Top Ten Favorite Star Wars Moments
Nov 18, 2009

Chronolillogy II: Duke Nukem (Part 1)
Mar 25, 2009

House of the Dead 2
Jul 3, 2009

Just Me and The Kid
Apr 14, 2010

Nov 28, 2009

This Blogzilly is Rated 'R' for Use of the Word Retard
Oct 13, 2010

Very little to do with Bennett and his whole deal. Wacky. So what is this blog all about again? Kind of puts that question from the last post in a whole different perspective doesn't it?

The whole thing just blows my mind, though I do understand some of it is based on photographs, like that Just Me and the Kid probably has more to do with the photo from Spring Break than anything else. And Randomology is the same deal, the photo of what is supposed to be a turd costume (though I now look at it and realize that it is supposed to be a Hershey's Kiss I think).

Just crazy. Besides...I went back and re-read these and some other older posts. I'm now super depressed at how much has NOT changed in a freakin' year. No wonder this Christmas season has been sucking so badly. Our difficulty making the adjustment to 'Holland' has majorly affected a party we went to last night...I haven't decided yet what or how to write about that yet.

I'm never looking at these statistics pages again. It will drive me nuts.

OK, MORE nuts.



  1. If you reeeally want to obsess about your statistics, you can also install a stat counter for free that shows you recent visitor activity, visitor path, visitor map, IP addresses and all kinds of fun stuff:

  2. The single most visited page of my blog (and that's well over 1,000 pages)is one titled "Bringing out the Big Guns" -- a post I wrote that describes the new drug we were trying for Sophie's seizures. This is America, after all.

  3. I wish we had something similar on our wordpress dashboard.

    I do have a stat counter where I can check the last 100 visits though.

  4. Visitors are not followers.

    I've visited a ton of blogs that come up under whatever weirdo thing I'm searching for. I see what I need to see and leave.

    That's the same type of behavior that's being cataloged in your stats. It reflects the avid internet searchers for info on games and girlie pics. Chances are the average searcher isn't looking for info on parenting a special needs child. If they were, "special" wouldn't apply.

    Yeah -- skip the stats from here on in. I think what would be more interesting and important would be "How did your 89 followers find you?" Ask 'em and see what infor comes from that.

  5. Iknow I found your blog via another person's sidebar, but what attracted me to look was the name! "Blogzilly" the name.

  6. Yeah! Get some Marissa's Bunny Love!

    Uh, in a totally brotherly way.


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