Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This Might Be a More Difficult December Than Most...But Why Dwell On It?

I know it probably isn't a great idea, psychologically speaking, to enter into anything...a contract, a relationship, a new job, or even a month, with a negative pre-disposition, but that is exactly what I am doing, isn't it? Yes, indeed, it is, but it seems that I cannot help myself.

A lot of things just seem to be going very...poorly of late.

Worry not, I do not plan to list all of the aforementioned crap here.


Lilly, you're NOT gonna bitch about your life? What the hell good is a blog if not for bitching about your life? Especially YOU?

I know, I know...and I do it so well, one might say I've perfected the craft. So much so that I can, in fact, bitch about my life and, by using humor, I can seemingly deflect the pain right the 'F' away just like Vader deflected Han Solo's blaster bolts aside so effortlessly right before they all sat down to dinner in The Empire Strikes Back.

At least, I think they sat down to dinner, there were place settings, and they did enter the room. And that was what Lando brought them there to do. 'Care to join me for a little 'refreshment'? he had asked. And I assumed he meant more than just a couple of Colt .45's. Is it me, or did anyone else really wish that scene had been filmed? I mean...WHAT THE FREAKIN' HELL HAPPENS AFTER THE FREAKIN' DOOR FREAKIN' CLOSES!?!?

Do they really sit down at the table and have DINNER with Darth Vader and Boba Fett?

Even Chewie?

In the serialized Radio Drama, if memory serves me correctly, I think they do...but I can't remember, but would Vader have to use a straw or something and have everything pureed in order to eat? He can't take his helmet off in there, you know, not without some kind of de-humidifier turned on or something. Have you seen that guy's skin?

And what the hell would they have talked about in there?

The un-answered questions, Lucas...THE GOD-DAMNED UNANSWERED QUESTIONS!!!!

Anyway, instead of dwelling on all of my hours spent thinking about what I didn't get to see unfold in the Star Wars Universe and how crazy I really am, or the piles of shit stacking up in our lives, let's get this December From Hell started, instead, with something that struck me as, magical when I first saw it.

I have this friend, named Mark.

Known him since high school since we were partnered up together in Biology class. He was my best man at my wedding, he was the guy who said 'come live with me in my basement' when I made $7000.00 one year as a struggling comic-book-artist-wannabe. And I'll bet you were wondering how in the name of Christ I survived that year when you were reading that particular selection in my List O' 50 and you came across that bit of info, didn't ya?

Well, he was the reason.

I stayed in his house, rent free, for a full freakin' YEAR. That's a real friend. At the time, his son, Dakota, was only around 2 or 3 years old, about the same age that Bennett is now. Now, he is a strappin' young teenager, who I play games with on the X-Box 360. He can pretty much kick my ass in anything except Red Dead Redemption. Ironic...he wipes the floor with me in pretty much any game in the universe. I used to wipe his butt when I would babysit to 'earn my keep'. time she does fly.

It was Mark's birthday recently. His son wrote something to him that he showed to me, and later I asked Dakota if I could have his permission to share it here. Of course at first he was like 'Why?'...I mentioned he IS a teenager, right? But he said sure. One day...he'll understand why getting this from your son would mean as much as it would to any father.

We all know about my own issues with the Dad stuff, but even people without 'issues' would appreciate the simple beauty of something like this. I told Mark on the phone the only thing that would have made this thing even better would have been if it had been written on paper by hand.

The 10 Reasons Why I Love My Dad

10. You're always there.

You are always there for me. There have been a few times were you couldn't be there but the amount that you have been there means a lot.

9. You are creative.

Your creativity has kept me from boredom many times. Without you I would probably have been staring at the wall for 1/3 of my life.

8. You are very funny.

You may be the funniest person I know. In my times of sorrow you have cheered me up to the point where it seemed like I was never upset at all. You are the only one capable of doing this.

7. Your ability to make things happen.

Your amazing ability has shown us the light through many hardships. Like the time when we were low on money but you always found a way to keep food on the table. Or when we didn't have a car, you always found a way to get us were we needed to go.

6. Your advice.

The advice that you have given me has never steered me wrong. You have led me through many difficulties and without your help I would have been stuck in the mud multiple times.

5. You are THE jack of all trades.

You are like a human Swiss army knife. You have the most fascinating ability to do so much with such minimal knowledge of things. This is an ability that I hope rubs off on me.

4. You are my Backup.

You back me up with most of the things I do and without your help most of these things would have been a failure.

3. You are my Support.

Your support towards my stupid activities and ideas have helped me accomplish so much. You have always encouraged me to do my best and finish everything I start.

2. You always know what's right.

No matter how difficult of a situation we have been in you have always known what to do and what's right. You taught me not to lie and always do the right thing even if the right thing means that I will have to go out of my way to do it.

1. You are the greatest father a child could ask for.

I will never know a man who loves his kids as much as you. You would do anything for us and give us your life if you had to. Your a great father and an amazing dad. You are my only role model because I respect you more than anyone else in the world. I could not have asked for a better dad.

Happy 43rd birthday dad, I love you.

Now you tell me...why would I want to share that with people? C'mon...awesome or what? I can only DREAM that maybe, MAYBE...I get something 1/100th as cool as that from one of my boys someday. Pretty freakin' nifty.

And not a bit surprising at all, especially if you know Mark.



  1. You have GREAT friends!

    I'm glad he let you share that. Smart boy, wise father.

  2. Oh, and I want you to be wrong about the difficulty of this coming month. Wish I could manufacture that for you.

    Also, I'm actually kind of glad he left us a few questions because, when he tried to explain the origin of "The Force" with that CRAP about nano-whatevers...that just ticked me off. Give me a break...I don't need to know where it comes from to really like the idea! And now that I know...well, I wish I didn't.

  3. One day you will hear things like that from both of your sons...

    I know you will.

    Until then, remember Bennett offering you some of his snack...

  4. If Mark is smart, he will present that to Dakota on the day he becomes a dad for the first time.


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