Saturday, January 08, 2011

Expect Blogger Re-Work

Seems like everyone of my buds out there in the Blogiverse is changing up their blogs. Some of them are looking quite spiffy.

I've been wanting to make some changes for a while, and now I just gotta. The itch is getting far too big not to scratch. Though I hear they make a special shampoo for that now.

So if you see a lot of weirdness around here lately. I mean, weirdness VISUALLY beyond the weirdness you usually see, it's because I may be trying to work out a few kinks to find the right layout and look I am trying to achieve. Bear with me. I will only be able to devote so much time to it at a clip.

In other news. I can't feel my toes.

Jen's Dad and her brother were here this morning, doing most of the work while i tried to help as best I could installing a new garage door opener on the second garage door we have and the only one that does not have an automatic opener. It's fugging cold out there, in the twenties. I had some heaters out there, they did two things. You know...the two things that useless things always do. Jack know the rest.

The job is not totally complete, since we have some repair work to do on the actual door itself, but the opener is installed. But man oh man my toes HURT. Fingers too. One of these days I really need to invest the money into some real cold weather gear. I say that every year, and every year I freeze my gonads off.

In yesterday's blog comments, you may have seen Zoey's Mom Heather mention some bathtub photos of Bennett and how cute they were and said 'Huzzat?'. Well, those were on Facebook. But far be it from me to deprive the Socially Network Challenged, so here are a those pics, and a few more.

Having HUGE problems with color and light balances on my camera though. Trying to figure out what I am doing wrong. Main issue I think is a tale of two monitors. On one monitor things look great. On another? Shit. I gotta figure it out.

I miss the boys. They are at their Aunt Mandy's this weekend. House to myself. SO...quiet. But football is on right now, so I'm in heavenly bliss. So yes, I do miss them but I do feel a few new chest hairs growing in.

And no, Claire...*GASP* is NOT just a game.



  1. Squee! Nothing better than a kid in a tub. Can I say that and not sound creepy?

  2. I love fooling with blog design. Of course, I'm not fooling with my current set up since I paid for it, but other blogs? Love messing with those. Have fun!

    I'm thinking some good thick wool socks will go a long way towards keeping those toes warm--minimal investment!

  3. Can't wait to see what your creative self comes up with!

  4. Jealous of Single Dad? I don't like his new design. I'm an old person and the font is small, light, and hard to read. I'd complain to him but for some reason nothing happens when I hit the submit button. Maybe he'll read it here. I love it when you two communicate through comments. Have you actually met?

  5. I can't wait to see it either. I just changed mine...finally. Not necessarily because I like the actual design of the new one, but mainly because it just seemed more inspiring to me. The rainbow and birds and all that warm, fuzzy stuff. Needed a fresh look for what I hope is a fresh start. Plus, the boring blue was bringing me down. ;)

    I've been reading all your posts -even if I haven't been commenting. I don't know if I'm coming or going these days and just haven't had the right words lately to make much sense. But I'm reading, and I'm so glad to hear there's been improvements with Bennett. Hope it continues.

  6. JWG:

    Actually we are one in the same. Ever see us both on the same blog at the same time? NO!

    I changed the font colors and size to what they were on the other design ... see if you like it better!

    And I'm jealous of Ken, hell, if I put boobies on my blog, I'd get shot ...

    (now I'm getting trashed on your blog!)

  7. I'm looking forward to the new look -- hoping for less football and breasts -- more poetry and recipes.

  8. Carter and Bennett are freakin' adorable!!!

  9. Thanks for the "spiffy" compliment .. credit goes to one of my big girls!Can't wait to see yours!

    Thanks for the re-post of pics ... still darling and makes my heart happy.


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