Monday, January 17, 2011

Home Alone

I'm home alone today...with Bennett.

I'll let that sink in for a moment before I continue.


It's true.

Did I mention before we lost our Home Health Aide? Not like she's dead or under the sofa or anything, she went to Nursing School. She hasn't been replaced yet. They are hard to find for what we need.

Besides, most seem to prefer chilling with the seniors, cause they provide longer blocks of hours and are probably a lot easier to deal with than a kid who screams, kicks, hits and bites and can't tell you what he wants half the time, but the other half is as sweet as a home-baked apple pie.

So any time now, when Bennett is sick, or his school is closed, since I am the one who has the most flexible schedule I get the duty (and the dooty).

The day starts with The Meltdown.

Once he realizes that Mommy isn't coming back, it gets better. My man-boobs just are not as satisfying I guess as Mrs. Lilly's. I can grok that. She also has hair, which he digs tugging on. I'm telling you. Hair piece. I am seriously considering one.

Anyway, gotta keep it brief, I have a boy to keep an eye on. And both are required. In the meantime, you can check out Luke Milton's review of his Admiral Ackbar figure. I haven't had a chance to READ the review. But I am sure the written review is as good as it gets. Back when I worked for Palisades Toys (yes, back when I actually MATTERED), his Punchbunny's Drunken Review of the Week on our website was, to me, the crowning achievement of our fan-provided content.

I will say I writer he smokes me in every conceivable way. In fact, he's so good I won't even bother to WRITE an Admiral Ackbar review, or a Gamorrean Guard for that matter, which I also picked up. But my Ackbar photographs below? I can finally call myself a WINNER.



  1. HAHAHAH that old lady has the Biggest "man thumb" Ive ever seen! hang in there with the kiddo! You will be fine! :D

  2. You can do it! Remember, you kicked the French Guy in the butt AND you got more velcro tape.

  3. Five deep, slow breaths will get you through almost anything -- I'm hoping the day is going well for you and for Bennett!

  4. Dude, you and I are going to have an Admiral Ackbar photo-off! You have shamed me by making me realise that a super-articulated Admiral Ackbar is too good an opportunity for mayhem!

    I am priming the camera. It is on like space lobster Donkey Kong!

  5. I'm reading this at night on the west coast and hoping that you're well and that the day went beautifully, peacefully, entertainingly.

  6. ...and yeah, your photography is fantastic, as always!

  7. Dude, re your last I have to watch Patton again! Great quote.

  8. I hope you find a Home Health Aide sooner than later. I am in the search for a nanny. I can't take it anymore. I hope your day went well.

  9. Thanks Elaine. I know you are going through ups and downs, as it seems that all of us are. Never ends, does it? :)

    That being said, in case anyone ever checks back as in a 'subscribe to comments left type of a thing' and wonders what has kept me from posting...just been both a bit foggy and down of late


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