Thursday, February 24, 2011


OK, so I had to do SOMETHING to try to be a little different. And...this gets people's attention.

Remember what John Doe said...'Sometimes you have to hit them with a sledgehammer...'

Anyway, one of the Special Needs Brethren Mike (he of the website known as Marissa's Bunny in honor of his wee lass Marissa, long-time sufferer of Infantile Spasms and still awaiting a window for possible surgical intervention) certainly has it together when it comes to raising money for his daughter's surgery and for helping out a lot of other kid's too.

He's had his employers on board in the past with some stuff, and they have been stepping up their game of late (in case you don't know that already by reading his blog, which of course, you should be doing anyway.)

Currently, he is giving away 5...that's FIVE iPads to families of kids with Special Needs. This is a Merit-Based contest, and you can find all the details by going to his website, the aforementioned Marissa's Bunny, and right there on the homepage is a link to the contest post.

Why there instead of a direct link? I dunno...I understand all the tech stuff like I understand why they shortened a show as good as LOST to less shows per season and only 6 seasons. Makes no sense.

So, enter the contest. Stand in awe of the power that is this juggernaut of a fund-raising machine that Mike has put together and frankly you should be as floored as I am at these employers of his and their unreal generosity. I used to work for somebody like that. Employers like those do not come around often.

I will enter, though I will enter only weakly. I am 100% confident there are at least 5, probably many, many more people entering in far, FAR greater need than we. And that is totally cool with yours truly. I still am happy to pimp the bejeezus out of it for my Brethren and Sistren and I do have a great deal of respect for Mike and the things he has accomplished.

In his situation I'd have probably folded up like a stack of cheap auditorium chairs by now.

Anyway, after you enter...feel free to also go visit the blog of Special Needs Brethren Single Dad, who crafted (and I do mean CRAFTED baby!) a post today about the very same subject, and stand in awe at how many links he squeezed into a single post.

Wow. Now THAT is something.



  1. OK --- I want you to win one of the iPads.

    Also...I hope you are appropriately flattered by the number of folks who want to see you in the orange dress...

  2. Is this not the coolest thing?I mean seriously cool.

    I'll take a picture in a dress of any color.I am a black girl myself.

    That dress was darling though.Didn't bother entering.I never win anything.

    Well except Zoey.She,although having been a bit of trouble since the get go, has been the biggest win of all.

    Not sure why I got all sappy like that.She seems to do that to me.Must be her upcoming birthday.Tends to get me reviewing the last 4 years ...

  3. Kudos to Mike and his employer!! That's really awesome!

  4. You sure do have a way with a sledgehammer. Like you, I am in complete awe of Mike and his employer.

  5. Kim:
    While you might be special, and have many needs, you gotta have a combo of the two. :) They really wanna see the dress thing only the way people are fascinated by car accidents.

    Zoey's Mom:
    It is WAY very cool. Though your comment there had a cool factor of at least a 9.9 I'd say. :P

    Stryder Wolfe:
    Look at you hittin' the comments all week. Thanks bud. Yeah I wish I still worked for Horn I know for sure he'd be all over doing something just like this. When Coop died the Rainbow Connection Kermit was something he was very passionate about, as was the Cooper Perry Foundation.

    Yeah, and it is because of my sledgehammeryness and your gracefulness that my readership PALES in comparison to yours. But thanks for stopping by nonetheless. Means a lot.


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