Friday, February 18, 2011

Light is Green, Trap is Clean

Sure, Dr. Ray Stanz was saying it to explain to newbie Winston Zeddemore about how to transfer a ghost to the containment grid in Ivan Reitman's classic Ghostbusters, but it is also how I like to say that Bennett's latest MRI results came up positive.

Or is that negative?

Hmmm...lemme think about this.

There wasn't any tumor regrowth. Which, in the medical sense, means the MRI was negative, but it's PRETTY MUFUGGIN' POSITIVE TO ME.

And the right side thing? Yup...still there, and Dr. Bingaman (Super Surgeon) still believes it is an over-read and so does Dr. Lachhwani (Eminent Epileptologist).

My wife reminded me over the phone, when I expressed my questions from yesterday (The 'Are we pursuing this enough?' thing.) that these men are the Dynamic Duo who both saw tumor when no one else did and took quick, decisive action to end his seizures and get the tumor out. If they believed it was causing him harm, don't you think they would attack this thing like it was an alien parasite?

Yeah...yeah...I suppose they would.


With the exception of 4 days a month, HOLY CRAP these women are the Extreme Voice of Reason on this planet, never getting the respect or due that they truly deserve as the GLUE that binds most families together or the gravity that keeps most husband's minds tethered to this world.

And they have breasts. How AWESOME is that!?! I mean...seriously?



  1. Love the shoutout to womenkind. :)

    And fantastic news on the glad to hear the doctors are still in agreement on the other thing too.

  2. Glue...Bra...that looks like the start of a Swiss Army Wife!

    (...Not the wife of a Swiss officer, mind you...)

    Congrats on the clean MRI and competant docs on your side. That's fantastic!

  3. Only four days?! Does she have a sister? ;)

    GREAT MRI news! Can't get more positive than that negative.

  4. So thankful for a clean MRI. My husband never seems to understand that a negative test result is a good thing. Love the praise of your wife. Too awesome.

  5. Glad to hear about the MRI.

    I go with my gut in these decisions, but I will say that it can be hard too--hard to be the one making these BIG decisions and with everyone relying on your good judgement.


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