Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Back in the Swing of Things

Many thanks to those who left such nice comments about my Mom in the last blog I wrote. They were much appreciated. So were the private messages some of you chose to send instead.

I had hoped that the nature of such a 'confessional' would immediately mean that I would feel like a huge weight had been lifted from me and that I would be bouncing around like I had springs on my feet.

Didn't happen.

Though I will admit that I do feel better now that the word is out. I hate secrets. Always have. Always will. It's hard for me to NOT talk about what is going on inside my head, for real, when it affects so many aspects of the daily grind.

Yesterday I had two meetings at Bennett's school and a guy came to the house to examine the roof of our house as part of an estimate that is in the works to figure out just how much of a problem we are looking at (and it's a BIG problem) regarding our home. I can talk about all that shit later.

Suffice it to say, that when Jen came home later that afternoon and she wanted to know why I seemed like I was in a bad mood, I just didn't really feel like talking about it. You ever get that way? When you get to the point where you just don't WANT to talk about shit anymore?

And can you imagine YOURS TRULY being there, Oh He Who Hath Diarrhea Of Ze Mouth?

So instead...let's look at some pics and a video of my kids, because I haven't shared any in a LONG time. Haven't taken any in a long time.

Gotta change that. Gonna change that.

Just showing a few snippets from some sets of photos, the bulk of which I'll load up to the Facebook photo albums. The video at the end is from a trip on St. Patrick's Day afternoon/evening that we took to a local elementary school playground to hang out for a while. The place was deserted, which was nice since we essentially had the place to ourselves.

Can't STAND the color scheme of this playground though. I know I should not bitch, because the place itself rocks, but the color choices are AWFUL. Too many bad warms, no cool colors at all...I dunno, the colors just make me feel very weird. I hate them. The other thing is that I can't stand the choice for the ground cover.

Small tiny rocks.

Makes no sense.

They get inside shoes. They REALLY wear down shoe soles. AND, not only do they get inside shoes, but they get inside the grooves of shoe bottoms, so they are gonna put a lot of extra wear and tear on the school floors, thereby costing the school system (and ME, the taxpayer) more money long term.

Why choose the rocks as the solution? Why not use the recycled material that looks like mulch? It's softer on the feet and it's also NON-lethal when thrown.

I dunno...would have made more sense to me...but what do I know?

Still...like I said, I suppose I should not bitch...it is a cool playground and it does have two Special Needs swings, so I suppose I should REALLY not bitch.

Now, if I seem to you to sound like I'm high or something, a bit too mellow, let me assure you I am not. I was just very tired. VERY tired. Poor sleep the night before. And I was just relaxed when I was shooting this. But wow, I sound like I just smoked a massive bong or something.

Don't I WISH... :) Nah, those days are long since gone.



  1. Ken,
    When the universe craps on your life, I don't think that it is required that you bounce back immediately. For me, it takes about 6 weeks to adjust to crappy news. If I get more bad news during that time, I just get overloaded. Unfortunately, the universe hasn't ever listened when I asked for a break!
    I hope that you catch a break soon, because you deserve it.
    Take care,

  2. Going backwards: if you wish to bong, if it is something that without repercussions is good for you , then why not?
    Don't bitch about playgrounds. Actually, you know what? Bitch about playgrounds, that way I can be reminded that there is more to life than a 900 square foot house on the second floor, just me and my son, nothing out there but an endless sea of inhumanity. I need such a reminder. At least those smooth river pebbles, like in potted plants would add something interesting for the kids to play with (granted dogs are kept out of the area).
    Getting things off of your chest: only when it is at the right moment will you feel a lightening, the thinking and the feeling have to gel together in time and then, lightness.

  3. Here's to feeling good without the "bong" (what about the "boink"?) Love the pics, and your kids are adorable...'cept that video reminded me how much I hate swings and motion sickness...Awesome swing set though...wow.

  4. Lol! And you wonder why I sometimes scratch my head. Ok, now to your post ... little rocks are cool, that way when you fall on them you get these great patterns on your skin. And don't worry about the roof, they're not all they're cracked up to be.

  5. When I built my kids playground, I chose to put in shredded recycled tires. They feel wonderful even on bare feet. It was one of my better decisions :) Our old house had sand. That was a huge mistake.

  6. Pretty cool park.We don't have one like that anywhere near us and totally agree on the ground cover choice.Here for some reason,cost I am sure,we have bark at some of the parks.Yep,wood chips so the kids can leave with a momento each and everytime ....a splinter or two.

    Pictures are great.Video awesome.Love his little impish grin and how is eyes sparkled,cuz they did.Really and truly.Great way to start the day for me.Hope yours is a good one Ken.

  7. yeah Maybe you can read some deep dark poems with that voice..or Deep Thoughst by Jack Handy... I hope you get some sleep. Bennett is a doll. yeah maybe some bacterial wipes next time...haha BUILDS immune system! hang in there :)

  8. Ahhh sleep deprivation! The drug you don't have to pay for... except physically..... oh, and mentally... and if you fall asleep driving and run into a tree... but other than that it's completely free! I have wondered for many years who picks the color schemes for those playgrounds. Dude and I went to one that was teal, yellow, purple and hunter green with red highlights.... Migraine inducing.

  9. I love love LOVE the video! You guys are adorable!


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