Thursday, March 31, 2011


Don't get freaky...not a post about poop or any other grotesqueries.

I'm just tired tired.

Over the last two days I've shot 387 things. Not like shot with a gun, put that phone down RIGHT now...I didn't finally reach the tipping point and find myself dazed and confused on top of the local clock tower. Well...not yet anyway. I mean 'shot' with a camera. As in 'taking pictures'.

Little of this. Little of that. Some for work. Some for fun.

All murder on my back, which wants to kick the shit out of me right now, but it can't because it hurts too much.

I'm complaining about it, but as far as the drudgery of the daily grind can go, I actually enjoy doing it. Not necessarily this QUANTITY of stuff, but I do like photographing junk, always have. Just wish I could devote the time and energy to getting better at it.

And the dough. I know if I could toss some cash at a better rig and some better lights I could very easily improve the images tenfold.

Oh well. Waddya gonna do? Whine about it in a post that most people won't care about in a blog that has Multiple Personality Disorder and shifts from bitching about epilepsy and brain tumors and Autism and therapy and terminal illnesses and the like to toys, games and boobies.

Speaking of the 'little of this' that was the fun stuff, check out some of the recent soft additions that I've added to The Toy Vault. I call them 'soft additions' because like I've always said, The Toy Vault now has a revolving door on it, sadly.

Some stuff comes in, while others go out. And nothing has a nail in it holding it to the floor until I get my career situation sorted out.

Say hello to my little friends...

Dead Space Necromorph
Couple of years back NECA put out a really cool version of Isaac, the protagonist from Dead Space, the super creepy and awesome game produced by Electronic Arts, not Capcom as some a-holes have sometimes suggested.

Until now, Isaac has never had anybody to fight. With the release of Dead Space 2, NECA released a new version of Isaac and a Necromorph. I have not picked up the Isaac yet, though I will if funds allow, but I did pick up the Necromorph.

The Necro-huh? These guys are essentially Space Zombies. In the game's storyline, when a person dies some alien...'Thingamabob'...called The Marker, re-writes your genetic code and turns you into...something horrible, putrid and most likely very smelly, if smells actually traveled in the vacuum of space.

Like any game, you have to have the 'standard attacker' that comes at you most of the time, like a typical Raccoon City Zombie Cop in Resident Evil 2 or a Covenant Grunt in HALO, and then you deal with other, more exotic attackers as you move along. This guy is Dead Space's 'standard attacker'.

Batman: Arkham Asylum Action Figures
It has been a long time, a LONG time, since I have picked up a complete series of ANY action figure line. SO long in fact, I could not tell you when, cause then I'd have to think. But I loved the game Batman: Arkham Asylum so freakin' much that despite my overall dis-satisfaction with DC Direct product in the past I bit the bullet and pre-ordered this set a while back.

It's got my usual nit-picks when it comes to DC Direct product, as far as severe posability limitations and so forth, but overall not a bad representation of the game versions of the Batman Universe. Bugs me that Harley has that Titan Formula Needle Gun. She never once uses it in the game, I'm not entirely certain she ever even HOLDS one.

Joker uses it, and if you want to pack it with Harley that's cool, but make sure it can fit into Joker's hand easily. He uses it in the game OFTEN.

See? I'm completely nuts, but that attention to detail really bothers me.

Near Completion of HALO Noble Team
I never bought ANY of the HALO figures from McFarlane before, until the game HALO: Reach came out. And what's interesting is I didn't really like the game HALO: Reach when I first played it. I almost traded my copy to Marissa's Dad. But then the game kind of grabbed hold of me, and eventually, I got to the point where I really gravitated toward Noble Team.

McFarlane has trickled out Noble Team members over the past year or so, and I picked up Jorge and Emile and Noble Six and a few random Spartans when they first came out. Hell, I even got a Warthog for them to drive around in to score chicks. Still need to shoot Noble Six. Keep forgetting.

Last weekend I was with Mrs. Lilly at Wal-Mart and found a horribly beaten up package of Kat, the only member of Noble Team that I knew for sure that had been released that I had yet to find. I had previously picked up Commander Carter, and didn't know if Jun was out yet. Since I planned to open her up, I cared not about package condition, but took her to customer service and negotiated a discount anyway.

And now...Noble Team is almost complete. Just need Jun. The only member of Noble Team who, after playing the game, we don't know whether he possibly survived the Fall of Reach, we do know the other five members died. STILL don't know if he has been released yet, I'm not up on that line. I'll get around to looking eventually.

Priorities. It just isn't up there on my list.

The (Old) New Jabba the Hutt
This actually came out LAST year, as a Wal-Mart exclusive. I only recently got around to even photographing it. Had it for quite a while. I dig it. What's not to dig about everyone's favorite intergalactic fatty? Especially the most articulated one to date, with disc joints in the elbows and shoulders, VERY well hidden I might add, and some very innovative tail articulation inside a soft plastic sheath that I hope doesn't break down over time.

The pillows really help sell it, especially since they also help make up for the spaces that are created by the soft plastic sheath's stretching when you move the interior skeletal structure of the tail. It's a pretty nifty item. And the best Jabba the Hutt Hasbro has put out to date. It'll be hard to top.

I guess if the bong actually WORKED...

MiniMates Lizard
And as we all know, size doesn't always matter (yeah RIGHT), so I saved the littlest guy for last. This super awesome MiniMates figure of The Lizard is a LONG time coming...and I am thrilled to have him, finally, in the Spider-Man rogues gallery of MiniMates villains alongside classics like Vulture, Mysterio, Shocker, Tarantula, Scorpion and others we have seen added to the mix in the past year or so.

Amazing when you think about the fact that this is Series 37 and Series 1 started all the way back in 2003. That's 8 years. A long, LONG time for a villain that made his first appearance in the SIXTH issue of The Amazing Spider-Man.

OK...I think I'm done for now.

I know you'd PREFER this kind of thing...

But hey, indulge me a little, once a collector always a collector I suppose.



  1. Wait, what? You can negotiate discounts for damaged packages at Walmart?

  2. I was thinking of picking up that AA Batman since I've yet to see a figure for the bat that I really like...HOWEVER I'm not 100% sold...does he always have to be looking down slightly or is his neck on a ball joint or at least hinged to nod?

  3. I tried to collect the entire line of Alex Ross's Justice figures, but I missed the first three waves and now they're too expensive. I love those figures, reminds me of the Super Powers collection from when we were kids, only waaay better scultps. When I was eleven or twelve I had a dream that someone came out with action figures of Marvel's Defenders and I was so depressed when I woke up and realized they weren't on the market and probably never would be. Although Toy Biz eventually delivered on Silver Surfer, Hulk, Namor, Dr. Strange and a few more.

  4. Curious... is that a puddle of feces on Jaba's throne? Now THAT'S commitment to realism.

  5. Wow...Bennett looks so tall in that last picture. Thanks for throwing those in ;)

  6. Marissa's Dad:
    EVERYTHING is negotiable, anywhere, at any time. A fellow by the name of Michael ('I've Got an Iron Washboard Stomach) Renegar taught me that, and I've never forgotten it.

    Since then, no matter where I am, no matter what it is (except at like, say, a restaurant chain like McD's), I always at least TRY to get a deal if time permits. Worst thing I can get is a no.

    I have received both 'Yes's' and 'No's' at this Wal-Mart, depending on the item, how bad the damage was, who it was I was talking to, and how good my mojo was working that day. It isn't a HUGE discount, but any little bit helps.

    Stryder Wolfe:
    It's a tough call. It doesn't look UP, that's for sure. But that has always been one of my complaints about DC Direct figs, which is why I do not own many. I'm not that into plastic statuary unless I LOVE the sculpt and/or character/design. In this case, I dig the designs, so I 'exceptioned'. You read Dubya's review? His photo's smoke mine a thousand-fold. / REVIEW_022811a. htm

    Copy the above and take the spaces out of the won't let me post this with the link intact for some unknown reason.

    Robert 1:
    Man talk about statues, but I do love the Alex Ross look, that's for sure. I had the entire line at one point, had to sell it. I ought to start doing more of that 'Stuff I Wish I Could Have Back' Feature, they'd be in there. If not for anything other than just the look/feel of the capture of Alex's work in 3-Dimensions.

    You could (I think) assemble the entire Defenders team from MiniMates. They did a boxed set and included a Valkyrie in it along with a classic Doctor Strange, Hulk and Namor. The rest of the crew how participates I think have all been released, if memory serves, can't remember the whole roster.

    Robert 2:
    Nope, no poop. Was there really poop on the throne?

    Yeah, thought it wise to toss something in for the ladies. Next time it will be my glutes.

    But Bennett is MONSTROUS big, ain't he? He towers over most two-year-olds. Good, the boy needs every advantage he can get and that is fine by me. I hope he keeps his hair, too.

  7. Jun comes out in Series 3, slated I believe for April.

  8. I know it's your show, but I have to brag.. just got a Nikon 3100 dslr, Still learning the tweaks, but it's already taking, just awesome pictures. Gave up on figures after the second SW series until Mac-daddy-Farlane came out with hockey figures. 18 at last count and that includes both sets (regular and beat-up) of the Hanson Bros. I mean, from when I was a kid.... then they start putting out figs that actually LOOK like who they're supposed to be.... Blew me away..

  9. the review...think I'll pass. Maybe for AAII this fall there'll be another one. Thanks for the link!

  10. Phil:
    Should have known you'd know. Thanks!

    Brag away, that's a nice rig. And McFarlane does put out some nice sports stuff, I have many an NFL figure myself.

    Stryder Wolfe:
    You played the game right? But not all the way? I thought I saw your name on one of the Leaderboards on the side mission maps (you have the option of viewing Friends Only - I am happy to say I smoked all you mufuggas in that game). Well, if you finish the game you get an 'armored' version of the same general style of Batman to play with if you choose. That's the Series 2 version.

    You'll hate that one more, I'm afraid.

  11. i finished the game but never noticed the armoured batman...basically once I put the joker down I didn't look at it again...maybe I'll pick it up and replay on a harder setting or something


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