Saturday, April 9, 2011

ADD & Delete...Tough Choices

Now, the doctor that Bennett saw this past Wednesday did not specifically DIAGNOSE, with absolute medical certainty, that he knew or could know for sure that Bennett has Attention Deficit Disorder, since there is no way to really TEST him. He was just concerned because Bennett can't really stay on any task for any length of time at all.

And in order to learn anything, he really needs to.


SO...he said maybe because of the family history (that'd be Yours Truly) ADD could possibly be a causality of the hyperactivity and lack of ability to stay on target, but that Bennett's issues could very well be related to the Chicken Soup that is his multiple issues, discussed previously in the pages of Blogzilly many times before.

He suggested we try an ADD medication, to see if it might give Bennett some relief, and help settle him to a point where maybe he would stay focused enough to learn better.

His first dose of Ritalin, 5MG, was this morning, split between 8:00 AM and 11:30 AM.

It will also be his last dose of Ritalin.

My impression was that the opposite effect that occurs in adults was to occur in him, right? That this was to have a calming effect on him? He would be more stabilized, a bit more centered, more focused, etc.

Well...I'm certainly not seeing that. Not at all. I'm generally seeing a kid who has been shot out of a cannon.

Massive increase in aggression, irritation, excitability and manic behavior. He's constantly throwing things. He seems to be much hungrier, and less apt to drink water which usually he attacks (ironic because when I took Ritalin I got extreme dry mouth, though he could be mistaking hunger signals and thirst signals in this 'state').

He's very quick to get frustrated when going through his toy boxes, throwing things aside as if he is looking for something but just can't find that ONE thing that he wants, he's close but JUST can't figure out what that one thing is. He's not as engaging or social...he's just pissed off and angry.

I would not be the least bit surprised if his skin turned green and he grew twice his size.

He is making lots of ‘moaning’ style vocalizations more than any kind of other verbal sounds, and very few actual attempts at words. Can't sit still, moving from room to room. Scrinching his face a LOT, blinking his eyes as if they hurt or are irritated.

So much for going to the Easter Egg Hunt at his school this afternoon. He'd probably smash the place to pieces. What a great capper to a SHITTY week all the way around.

Jen and I are both sick with colds, and he has a runny nose, and there might be something going on with him feeling like shit too, so we are also dosing him with Tylenol. I have a pounding headache (GEE...THERE'S THE SHOCKER OF THE DAY) and if he has one too this could be contributing to the behavior.

I should also note he is grinding his teeth like a motherfugga, something he has not done in a LONG time. And it is INSANELY intense. As in you can hear it from the other room kind of intense.

Jesus...this was not at all how I expected your day to turn out, bubba. I feel like Victor-FUCKING-Frankenstein and like such a complete bumbling asshole to have put you through this, and watching you flip out like this makes me feel like Class-A Shit. Add another layer, one that tastes like ass, to my Guiltburger.

I know our intentions were good. I know that the dose was very low. But still...I can't wait for this to be out of your system so I can have you back.

I am so sorry, buddy.



  1. Geez, Ken, I'm really sorry to hear it. Paradoxical reactions are a bitch...especially when you have to wait for the stuff to pass from the system. has to begin at the beginning.

  2. Well,so sorry Ken and I feel your pain.And your sadness.Hurts your heart,doesn't it?To see them struggle.Truly hurts your heart.

    Literally tried a few meds with Joe for just one dose.One time,I had to take the laptop into the bathroom,lock myself in, to email the doctor because the child was so out of control.Out of his mind.Probably doesn't make you feel better but sometimes there is comfort in company.

    Offer of a listening ear still stands.We currently have Joe on guanfacine and risperdol.Been the golden ticket with some tinkering of course.Also just for you to file away in case either come up.

    Thinking of you all and sweet Bennett.

  3. OH NO! Yeah My youngest brother was on that stuff when he was little and we would wake up in bed freaking out asking to go home..saying he wanted to go home..when he WAS home...Poor Kiddo. Well you can scratch that one off!

  4. GD (that's a curse word).

    I'm emailing you my once-published piece called "No Man's Land" -- in commiseration --

    Don't give up on everything. Something will help him. Until then, there's a lot of us out here who are walking with you quite literally, have either been there or are there and can say that it'll be better.

  5. I am really sorry to hear about this. We have been down this road with KC a few times. He has had some crazy reactions to a few different meds. We recently started on Risperadol, and it has really helped. We tried another med in that ball park, one whose name escapes me right now...starts with an A. Anyway, the risperadol has been great. When you guys are ready to venture into this territory again, it might be one to consider. I have heard some good things about it from other people too. Again, really sorry to hear about Bennett's day today :(


  6. yuck. when we first started meds we tried clonidine. it can make kids sleepy, though, so that became an issue. my son is a classic ADHD kid, though, no question. i can see where with bennett the lines are so damn fuzzy you can't see straight.

  7. I like the omagery, sorry, imagery.

  8. Sorry it didn't work ... at least you could tell right away.

  9. I have quite a bit of disgust with "Doctors" who over and over believe that the best way to fix an emotional and/or behavioral problem is to throw pills at it. I figure every once in awhile they get rewarded for it because they manage to luck into the right med to change the symptoms...but not the underlying problem.
    Good practice would have been to refer you all to a Behavioral Specialist who designs and implements and trains parents to implement a behavioral plan.
    Bones whould have tore that Doc a new one (a-la The Voyage Home).

  10. Risperdol is the med we have filled and ready to give Sophie when I am ready to go that route. I've heard a lot of brain surgery kids go with risperdol. Don't know why though.


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