Saturday, April 30, 2011

Closing Another Month...with a 12?

What is it with me and this 12 posts in a month? I have got to pick up the pace. Out of the last 8 months, 5 of them have 12 posts in a month. Would have been 6, fell short by ONE POST last month.

Now, granted, my posts can get a little...wordy. (YA THINK!?!) So while I could probably double my monthly average by simply cutting each post in half (I probably cover multiple subjects most of the time anyway) and posting the text on different days well then...there ya go, problem solved.

I've tried doing that.


Damn hard.

Goes against my nature. And didn't Shakespeare write, 'This above all: to thine own self be true.' Actually yeah, he wrote that, but us modern day hippies and New Agers are the ones who use it as a stepping stone to conversations about self-actualization. In the play Hamlet, the dude who spoke the line was really telling his son to hold on to his cash and take care of his own needs first.

Those wacky Elizabethans.

See? That's why I'm 'Mister 12'. VERY easy for me to ride off on any tangent that comes along. Look at me! Weeeeee!!!!

Oh well, I guess it's just how I roll.

OK, so fuck Strep Throat.

Let's just get that out of the way right now. Eventually my fevers stopped, by Thursday, and while it still feels like I am swallowing nails and glass, the nails are smaller, the glass is more rounded and it isn't being served in a bowl of hot, fresh, liquid magma.

Fatigue? Got lots of that though. And weakness. The grass is in need of its first of many cuttings to come, so I have had to tackle it in stages. I did half yesterday afternoon, about to start the other half now. But I'm tired even thinking about it. I have Spring allergies, did I mention those? And going out there makes the existing condition of my congestion and my itchy, irritated throat much, much less fun.

I mentioned in Wednesday's post about stuff coming out of me that was startling. I wasn't kidding. I grabbed that oyster shot as a hoot, a lark. Nothing like that, at least nothing that large, had yet been expunged. Well, something came out of me that had me wondering if it was SUPPOSED to have come out.

I swear to God it looked like something out of The X-Files or Fringe or something. I photographed it, that's how large and do I put this...crazy looking it was. Still feels like there is more back up in there too. But could be my imagination.

Jen says I should not show those pics. She says emphatically 'Don't do it just don't do it.' Not sure how I feel. They are pretty crazy. One reader has seen them. She thought they were pretty horrible too. Believe it or not, maybe some things are NOT meant to be shared.

Maybe I really have been replaced by some Squid Guy or something?

Anyway, off to get pollinated on.



  1. Yeah I had strep earlier this year, and I coughed up something I was sure, should have stayed wherever it came from, and also just like you it felt like more of it was just waiting to scare the crap out of me again. So if it looked anything like what I coughed up, then thank you for keeping the pic to yourself.

  2. I had strep throat so much as a kid that I actually became immune to it. Frankly, I'll be fine if I never get it again. Ouch!

    Glad you're feeling better.

    Also, you've totally got me wondering about how many times a month I post--I'm thinking that 12 would be the max.

  3. OMG, delurking after a year to say SHARE, SHARE, for the love of all that is good and holy SHARE!!

  4. Have you been tested for mono? Your description of your illness is reminding me of the time that I had strep throat and mono. However, you seem to be neither delirious nor hallucinating, so perhaps it is not the same thing.

  5. And, I forgot to check the "follow-up" button. Again.

  6. I was convinced that you were gonna to share those pictures. Oh well, just the thought of you making them made me smile :)

  7. I have been horribly remiss at two things of late. Actual blogging and responding to comments.

    You're welcome. I still feel like something is in there. Even after this long. It's downright creepy.

    I'm so-so, though I know you won't GET this message, cause you never answered the last couple... :)

    Immunity to Strep? Amazing. Did you ever calculate how many times a month you post?

    If you or anyone else wants to see he pics, I will happily show them off the grid.

    I have not been tested for mono. But I'm not showing all the symptoms for it either. I think it's a combo of things that I will actually address at some point in a post.

    Sorry...yeah I decided to hold back. Some things are just better left for 'eyes only' or by request only.


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