Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Conjuctivitis & Corporate Evil

So it wasn't Strep, as far as I know. The quick-swab test says no. Probably viral, says the doc, but he'll let me know what the main test says in two days. Gotta ride it out.

What a ride it has been so far. I had expressed solace to Elizabeth, in a message to her about something totally unrelated, that at least it hadn't affect either of my kids.

Well, I spoke too soon. Bennett is down. Hard. Same symptoms. If he feels like I do, no wonder he spends most of the time moaning.

In an interesting reversal, my immune system must be so decimated I got the Pink Eye he had last week. Must have been some residual part of it somewhere in the house that grabbed me, or I just got it from virus and the bacterial part came later. I was trying to read up on Conjunctivitis but got a wide variety of causes and finally said fuck it this is stupid. Since my defenses are so down? It took hold. Simple as that...I got it. Doesn't matter how. At around 4-ish yesterday I had green slime oozing out of my eyeballs.

That is freaky shit. Actually made Carter cry. Scared the piss out of him. BOTH my eyes looked worse than that above pic...some of the green would go from top to bottom of an open eye, much like how Bernie Wrightson would draw the rotten flesh over an animated corpse eye (only a select few will even know what the hell I am talking about, but I shit you not this is how it looked for a few hours. WEIRD.

I haven't had Pink Eye since I was a kid. You don't think about how weird it is when you are a kid. When you are an adult, it's just creepy and gross. You are essentially crying snot.

I'm already inundated with the stuff. I'm coughing it up, I'm blowing out major quantities of the stuff every fifteen minutes. It's nasty, nasty, nasty. And it NEVER SEEMS TO END. Where the hell is it coming from? And why is it not improving when I am doing all the right things?

More good news.

Remember I mentioned, in brief, we were having some issues with our house? And I mean, BIG issues with it? Well, half the info is in. DENIED by insurance. I'll know more on the other half in a few more days. My gut tells me that this too will be denied.

I don't know about you...but I don't have 25-30K just laying around the house to spend on repairs that aren't my fault. I always thought insurance was supposed to HELP people in need...I never realized until the past few years how it as designed really to do as little as it possibly can for you. The 'particulars' of the 'language' of the policy is really a bunch of fascinating bull-FUCKING-shit that I would love to blow my nose on right now.

Is insurance Evil Incarnate?

I dunno. Maybe not all of it. But can someone tell me why now, in 2011, all of a sudden MRI's are not fully covered by my son's Health Insurance? How does that make sense for a boy who relies on serialized MRI (which means 3-4 times a year) to make sure that a life-threatening brain tumor does not return AND KILL HIM?

Does it make sense that my Mom's house was broken into and robbed a few weeks ago? Yeah...forgot to tell you about that joyous little nugget. I mean, I pile enough crap on right? Thankfully they were not home, and even more thankfully, the nimrods who robbed the place appeared to be fairly stupid so they didn't actually get away with a lot of the really expensive stuff.

So my Mom and my Step-Dad (the newer cool one not the asshat dead one) file a claim, as they should, and a very minimal one, to recover the few things that were taken. They have never filed a claim before, and they certainly NEVER ASKED TO HAVE A CRIME COMMITTED AGAINST THEM.

And yet, what does the insurance company do?

Raises their premium.

Now you tell me...what level of Hell is reserved for the shitwit who came up with as Standard Operating Procedure at that company? I'd love to meet that guy. I'd like to walk up to him and ask him how in the name of fuck does he sleep at night knowing that he takes the money of people and if NOTHING EVER HAPPENS TO THEM he doesn't give them any of it back, but if some asshole criminal comes into my MOTHER'S home and steals from her, he thinks it is OK to raise HER rates?

There's something OK about that to him?

That's why this species is doomed. Because as long as anyone thinks like that, we will never be able to survive in a community together where people work together for the mutual benefit of the group overall, where everybody can be expected to be taken care of in a time of crisis.

Call me a Socialist if you want, I don't give a flying shit. I love this country's founding principle's, in theory anyway. But man oh man have we lost our way. But I guarantee you's not a fucking democracy anymore either. It's an Oligarchy. And that's a fact.

Where the Hell was I?

Anyway...I am WAY off subject, if I ever actually had one to begin with. Probably should not blog when I feel this bad. Bottom line is...I feel like total crap, so does Bennett. Who's next in the house? And in the much longer will we even have a house to get sick in?

Who even knows?



  1. Oh, dear God. My blood pressure is near to boiling for you. Take a deep breath -- deep, because sometimes that's ALL you've got.

    Now I'll try to be funny: if you know anyone nursing, you can squirt breast milk in that pinkeye. I'm serious. :)

  2. I've always wanted to say this, so here goes...

    'BEHOLD...the healing power of TITTIES!!!'

    I KNEW IT!!!!

  3. Almost everyone else join the club!

  4. Sorry that the universe has picked your life to crap on right now. Really hoping that you catch a break soon.

  5. I've heard from folks that insurance companies almost always deny a claim he first time it's see if you'll just go away. On the second or third submission of the claim, they realize you're serious, so they are more likely to honor the make you go away.

    :) They are fuckers. Torment them. Don't allow their lazy, tightwad tendencies to win.

    I'm sorry you're sick and feel like shit. I hope today finds you a little bit better....

  6. OMG that EYE picture!! ssssick!
    Our Insurance wont cover madies ketocal becasue they say its not for Diabetes and its over the counter. We have put in so many apeals its sick. We had about 2000 worth of winter damage in the basement and insurance cut us a check for 450.... yeah I hear ya.
    hang in there. Quite the illness you got going there..get well!

  7. I really didn't know that about breast milk...I guess it makes sense seeing as how it is chock full of antibodies.

    I myself have to go to the eye doc. soon...not only am I slowly becoming far-sighted...but I have a painful sty.

    I LOVE growing older...

    and I HATE insurance companies....but thank goodness for the little bit that they are willing to do.

  8. Oh the glorious tales of woe I can share with you about the insurance companies!

    Perhaps you remember the "your family is too expensive to cover" smash hit!

    Ah, insurance companies.

    You know, I tried breaking out a Klingon warrior speech here, but I'm just too irritated...

  9. I'm with Kim. Ride the insurance fuckers until they give in. As if you have all the time and energy in the world for nonsensical bullshit..... Do it anyway.
    Oh, and I haven't quit reading.

  10. I'm just checking in to see if you're feeling any better and to tell you that I hope you are --

  11. Elizabeth, I think he's still looking for lactating breasts....


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