Friday, April 8, 2011

I Got Yer Piece of the Action Right Here, Bub...

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...oh wait, that's that OTHER Star thingie...and I always hate that shit. I hate it when people mix up Star Wars and Star Trek. Call it one of my Geek Pet Peeves.

Or worse? When people call Mr. Spock...'Dr. Spock'. *gasp*

I have no idea why, but that just gets me going.

Well I DO know why, I'm nugging futs, but that's beside the point. DOCTOR Spock is a baby doctor from like the Punic Wars or something who's books are mostly out-dated. DOCTOR McCoy is Chief Medical Officer on board the U.S.S. Enterprise on the 1960's TV show Star Trek, and later the films based on the aforementioned TV show.

MISTER Spock is the Vulcan First Officer on board that same starship.

Get it? Got it? Good. And oh yeah...I also hate it when people call it Star TRACK. It's Trek, dammit...TREKKKKKK!!!!

There are a handful of licenses that I call my 'Dream Dozen', even though it doesn't always equal twelve.

That's how I roll.

These are licenses I have always, ALWAYS, wanted to get my hands dirty on as a guy who has had a fairly cool career designing and manufacturing, and hopes to again, licensed toys and collectibles. Back in the day at Palisades Toys, an opportunity came up to work on one that was on this list, and it was Star Trek.

James Sawyer, whom I always want to re-write his name as 'James (Sawyer) Ford' and whom I have had the pleasure to get to know over the years, just started to become a guest blogger over at, the official website for all things Trek-related.

That's not James. It's the late Gene Roddenberry. He's the guy, for those of you who do NOT know, who created Star Trek.

And for the record, he was WAY cooler than George Lucas. While the Empire that Lucas created is certainly more vast and powerful and is a merchandising powerhouse, Roddenberry's creation was truly visionary, layered with social commentary about sexism, racism, war, human rights, religion, politics and so on. Lucas might have created great popcorn fantasy, and I love Star Wars don't get me wrong just as I love Lucas, too. But Roddenberry created something truly special and unique.

And besides, the truth is you can't REALLY compare the two when it comes right down to it, though many people try and, in my opinion, fail every time. Star Wars and Star Trek are different as Batman and The Amazing Spider-Man. Both 'superheroes' in a 'genre' sense. Both great. Both with alarmingly different styles and visions.

James is kicking off what we hope will be a long and successful relationship there at Star with an article that features the Star Trek product that I got to actually sink my teeth into at Palisades, a special collectors edition set of Gene Roddenberry and everyone's favorite green-skinned babe-chasin' Captain James Tiberius Kirk.

That's a shot of just the Gene figure sitting in the Captain's Command Chair. What you never saw that product? Not surprising, it was never released. But you can read all the details about why, with a few quotes from Yours Truly, in James blog called The Unproduced Palisades Toys Captain Kirk and Gene Roddenberry Action Figure Set.

But beware Mommies...we Geeks have a sort of sixth sense...and can sense when ladies are around, so tread carefully. Have somebody ready to beam you out quickly if you get too scared :)



  1. I always liked Star Trek, the original and the one with Patrick Stewart. Not so much the other ones. In the old ones, it was fun to pick out "unknown actor most likely to die really soon". Like the new look, btw.

  2. Our favorite was always Deep Space Nine. Loved the broader arc stories they delved into. And I've read every single Star Trek book released :)

  3. Why oh why won't they make a PS3 (XBox 360) Star Trek game that is REALLY cool.
    Thanks for the trip down memory I have to go watch the's almost time to share them with Dora. We just finished the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Maybe I'll start her out with "The Trouble With Tribbles."

    Of ALL the lines of every one of the original Star Trek TV series, the line you quoted...the acting...the moment...the back story...I think that's one of my favorite moments/lines of all (the music during fade out right afterwards just makes it all the better.)

  4. And on the looked like crud, the paragraph separators weren't included so I took it down to edit...haven't figured it out yet. I'll post soon (yeah, you've heard that before).

  5. Thank you for working to educate the non-geeks:

    * MR. Spock
    * Star TREK
    * Wars (W is for Wookie) vs Trek (T is for Tribbles)

    Maybe Pop Culture 102 could be an overview of Action Figures ("Don't-You-Dare-Call-Them-Dolls!")?

  6. Sweet Blog layout. jealous of your computer abilities. lol Im a Star Wars gal myself. Good Stuff. :)

  7. I'm a new subscriber, from the've got a disabled kid world, and had to stop here and say this post officially makes you even more Awesome.

    Just sayin'

  8. Sorry for the delayed responses...been super sick all week. Still am, but just need to get on something to take my mind off the mucus.

    Glad you like the new look. I liked the first three Trek's, anything after I haven't dug at all. Even the new one kind of left me cold.

    ZACTLY. And it is no surprise at all that Ronald Moore went on to make BSG so FRAKKIN' good. You look at the last 4 seasons of DS9 and knowing that Moore had so much control you can see how much BSG was born from that.

    Are you talking about Kirk's end speech in that episode? Cause it isn't an exact quote, The exact quote was, as Kirk points his thumbs at his chest 'Well, in a few years, the Iotians may demand...a piece of OUR action!' Then I believe it super-quick cuts to ship exterior and uses the staccato trumpet-solo lead-in to the end credits. That what you mean?

    You tryin' to out-Trek me, boy? I'll school ya.

    Glad to see you followed through and posted. Nice subject.

    Here's the thing though...I don't really mind if people DO call them dolls. They can call them whatever they want. Just stop touching them.

    It is absolutely possible to be both a Star Wars and a Star Trek person. You know, you can also like Chocolate AND Vanilla, and hang out with both white people and black people at the same time. :)

    And thanks...I really have piss poor computer skills though. This is all basic stuff.

    RIGHT ON!!! Thank you for being very cool and awesome and saying that. If only more of the Special Needs Mommies who SAY they love me 'OH SO MUCH' would tell me I was awesome when they see these blogs that deviate from subject and showcase some stuff that is more about my geeky side sometimes I wouldn't be such an angry asshole half the time. :) (Yes I desperately seek approval more when I am extremely ill, dammit!)

    But seriously...thanks. :P

  9. The last four seasons of DS9 were simply glorious. But not as good as BSG :) That's still right up there with the best danged TV out there.

  10. Agreed...I meant to imply that the seeds were there. He just could not water them as much, tied down by too much Rick Berman red tape and Paramount bullshit I'm sure. But you could see the spiritual and human conflict directions he was wanting to take things, the grittier, more realistic overtones.

    It was definitely prologue of what was to come.

  11. Yeah, I see what you are saying. I hadn't really thought of it before. I so look forward to the new series they are making - the one between Caprica and BSG. I THINK it will be covering the first Cylon war. Anyway, my geek is majorly on for it!


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