Monday, April 11, 2011

What What (in the Butt)?

I don't think you can say it any other (nice) way...this weekend sucked donkey balls.

After writing the post on Saturday describing how Bennett was going a thousand miles an hour on Ritalin, the exact opposite of what was intended, it got worse. He then had some kind of allergic reaction to the medication, and broke out in hives/welts.

Poor kid.

We got some Benadryl into him to try to relieve the reaction, and it seemed to help, and very quickly too. The photographs here show him five minutes into the Benadryl dose...

...and then ten minutes in.

Remarkable change, no? It worked fast and he seemed very relieved. So were his parents.

He eventually crashed and crashed hard. Slept a LONG time too. Probably the single longest stretch of time I've seen him sleep since...well, since he was in surgical recovery, and who wants to think about that?

He was back to his normal self by Sunday, which was unseasonably warm. Upper 70's.

I, on the other hand, was miserable. Felt like I was swallowing glass.

Back up a second. On Friday night I was unusually cold. Now I have to tell you how strange this is...THIS SIMPLY DOES NOT HAPPEN.

I wear shorts until well into snow falling on the ground and finally Jen is just too embarrassed and she makes me wear pants. But Friday, I could not get warm, so I had three shirts long sleeve tee shirt, a pique-knit polo shirt and a very heavy pullover long-sleeve hoodie sweatshirt, and I was still cold.

But no fever. Weird, right? Saturday? Nuthin'. But then again...Saturday I was not focused on me at all.

But Sunday, I was much worse for wear, and today...awful. Can't say for sure I have Strep until I see the doctor later today, but I do have a couple of those little nasty whitish drainage patches on one of my tonsils. But not that many, so it could be a NON-Strep infection or no infection at all, just a bad cold that is doing a number on my throat, which is bleeding a little.

Ewwww...BUT...suffice it to say, WHATEVER it is, let's just hope that I can avoid what happened the LAST time my doctor prescribed an antibiotic to me, if indeed that ends up being what happens. Last thing in the world I want is to be back in the ER with another bloody butt problem.

I have a doctor's appointment, but it isn't until 5:30PM...that was the best I could get, so I took it.

When you are hanging on the edge of a cliff by your fingernails, you don't go waving your arms around.

What the hell did I just say? I need a nap.

I actually haven't seen him since that whole butt thing went down, so I'll be sure to tell him all the details (fun!) and ask him if he has a softer option than a Z-Pak, maybe Erythromycin, since I have taken that and tolerated that before. Actually, in defense of my doc, who I have always thought kicked ass, his choice to go with the Z-Pak made perfect sense, since Azithromycin is actually just a stronger type of Erythromycin and IN THEORY is supposed to have less gastrointestinal side effects.

And the truth actually MIGHT have. There has been some debate about whether the antibiotic was the culprit at all in that whole mess. Instead, the leading conjecture now is that it is the fact that I was, shall we say...a bit tightly wound for a few days and then the sickness caused that explosive first salvo that we think ripped something internally.

Why does this make even more sense now that it did then?

Well, and I am so sorry, Mommies, for being so open about my BUTT, yet the truth is that ever since that...experience...I have had, how do I put this delicately, severe Roid Rage. I have had to take drastic measures to deal with them, more so than ever before. One of the Mommies who I have the pleasure of actually speaking with from time to time on the phone explained to me that this can be caused by extreme stress and sitting on your ass a lot.

Guess what two things are very prevalent in my life right now?

Anyway...see? This is why I should never write these posts when I am ill. I go way too far. My usually threadbare filters get stripped down to NUTHIN', and I just can't help myself. But Dayquil makes me feel very funky. That and the sickness itself just makes me feel woozy, dizzy, lightheaded and all-around crappy too.

Nah I can't think like that...this is what I'm all about.


And if my intent is to share with you parts of the journey and sometimes to entertain and also to enlighten you as to just how freaking stressful life can get when you are on this particular roller coaster? Then what is the point of holding back a thing, including the fact that one might have stress-induced hemorrhoids one day? It can happen and it is something that I should not be ashamed to discuss.

From where I sit (rather uncomfortably)? There is no point if I start holding back. It would be doing anyone reading the absolute worst of dis-services, painting a portrait of a life that was not true, and that isn't how I want to roll.

Make sense? I hope so.

That's my personal choice. Everybody else's mileage? It can vary. It should vary. That's what makes this world such a goddamn wonderful place to live in.



  1. I am so sorry -- so, so sorry. You're in this for the long haul -- I'll gently recommend that you see a wholistic sort of doctor (perhaps a naturopath, a Chinese doctor/acupuncturist, etc. to complement your traditional doctor. I firmly believe that will really help with your overall health. Seriously.

    Sending prayers and well wishes your way for everyone in the family.

  2. What a weekend. I hope the doc gives you something to help you feel better yet not lead to other problems! And I am so glad the Ritalin is out of Bennett's system. Have you called his doc to explain what happened? The one "nice thing" about ADD meds is you see results (good or bad) right away. Obviously this is NOT the med for Bennett. We went thorugh 3 before we found the right one for Austin.

  3. Benydril comes in handy for more things that you might have thought, doesn't it. Similar situation with Dude's Sister. Medicinal Acute Dystonia was the fancy words for it... I just called it damned freaky watching her head turned all the way up, her eyes rolled all the way back and drool spilling from her mouth... Until a very calm voiced Nurse (Cor bless 'em!) asked me if I had Benydril... 'Are Geico commercials annoying?' 5 minutes (by my watch) later, it was like that scene in Awakenings... without all the anachronistic 60's hospital stuff. As for the other... I have no comment or opinion on your 'nether regions', and that's the way I think it should


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