Monday, May 16, 2011

I Might Officially Be Scared

You remember how I got blasted by...something...over the past couple of months?

At first, I thought it was Strep. Went in. Wasn't Strep. Came home. Seemed to clear up. Things got worse. Fever got whacked. Nearly 104 at one point, sustained over 103 for almost 24 hours, even ON heavy doses, nearly overdoses, of Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen.

Went back in to the doctor. Got swabbed. Positive Strep. Went out. Aunt E. Biotics. Started to clear. Something odd and a little horrific came out of my throat at one point. Something almost Fringe-ish. But I started to feel better and so I let it go.

Felt OK for a while.

Yesterday, started getting dizzy and light-headed whenever I would stand up. OK, what's that all about? Then I started feeling cold even though, again...if you know anything about me at all...I DON'T GET COLD.

But no fever. I checked. My ears and face were blood red though. They do that a lot. But since that has happened most of my life, I can't ever say that it is unusual. Neck...super sore. Back...SUPER in pain...though that could be from sitting in a torture seat at the Nationwide Arena watching what they call a circus these days on Sunday (more on that later).

Wake up this morning. Throat is swollen. I can see it in the mirror. That poofinees, that goddamn misshapen neck poofiness. Shine a flashlight in the back of my throat. A nice deep red. Some swelling. The punching bag thingie is trying to swing its way to one side, suggesting something odd is going on. Later in the morning I start to gag and something comes out. While not as horrific as is something, again, that has SOLID form.

Not mucus-like...not know what it reminded me of? You know that little piece of, whatever you call it, that runs along the length of a chicken breast, that if you don't pull it out prior to cooking the meat and you accidentally bite into it while eating you instantly have to figure out how in a semi-dignified way (if possible) you are going to get this shit out of your mouth before you blow chunks all over the place?

It reminded me of about 1/3 of the length of that piece.

What, in the name of Hell, is going on with my throat? Could this be the beginning of something that I am not going to want to know about? Or is it something simple with a fairly easy fix?

See, that's why I'm scared...because I just don't have faith in the simple with a fairly easy fix likelihood's anymore. I'm much more in the mindset of having to prepare myself for the SHIT HITTING THE FAN SCENARIO.

I thought about finding a photo for the end of that last paragraph, but figured...nah...the subject matter of this whole entry is icky enough...why aggravate it all with even more disgusting visuals?

Anyway...looks like I'm headed back to the doc. Again.




  1. Fingers crossed for "simple fix" Ken. (((hugs)))

  2. I'm just impressed you are still keeping an open mind about it. I'm so hypochondriacal I would already be writing my eulogy.
    One time I had to go get my chest "re-exrayed" because the doc. "saw something." So I go, the nice tech lets me see the second set....There were all these weird "tentacles" in there. Friday doc, no one to read it...just the tech who lets me see it and says..."now let's not jump to conclusions."
    What an idiot! I was of course convinced I was dying of lung cancer for a whole week before the doc called to say it was just a "shadow." Still don't know what that is. It was several years ago so I don't think it was his way of saying, "There's nothing I can do but I don't want to scare you."
    Or was it?
    Good luck...try not to cough.

  3. Maybe if it happens again, you could keep the coughed up tissue, put it in alcohol or something to preserve it and take it to the doctor for testing? I know, I'm being gross. Also, when you go back to the doc, perhaps you could insist on some blood work. It's probably just a bad case of infection but with free flying tissues you could probably use a bit more thorough examining. My fingers are also crossed.

  4. Can't remember if you ever mentioned ... do you still have your tonsils?.My/ your generation use to get those puppies pulled left and right back then.Don't know if you are one of those.My husband still has his and he is a strep magnet.

    Hoping for a quick easy fix as well and Dora's daddy and me,cut from the same mold.I catastrophize everything and my family could tell you,that since have these two last nasty lung infections,I have had a residual cough and if they hear me say,"I think I might have lung cancer..." one more time,my head might just roll.

    Will anxiously await the doctor news/ advice.

  5. damn.

    i'm thinking of you.

    Be well.

  6. I'm sure you will be fine. These things happen sometimes. I'll spare you the details, but twice I've had similar scares and though they were scary, they were nothing. Get it checked out as a precaution, but don't worry!

  7. Take some guaifenisen, it will thin your mucosal secretions and allow you to huck up that infected gunk that is lodged in your throat. Drink lots of water to avoid dehyration/dizziness. Rest.

    It could be a bad flu.... or it could be the start of chronic fatigue syndrome, brought on by stress and viral insult. The latter is worse than the former.

    Good luck with your health.

  8. While I laughed at your description, I, too, hope it's nothing major. Thanks for no picture.

  9. Ummm...I have no idea what to think about it. But now I know where to come to curb my chocolate cravings that I have been having nonstop because I am stressed to the max.

    But, seriously, I hope you are okay.

  10. Claire
    Your voodoo magic failed Claire, sorry. Looks like it will be a complicated fix. Sorry!

    Don't get me wrong...I'm scared out of my mind. The thought of all those years of smoking has been on my mind a LOT believe me. But I have so many things to be worried about that this may just be cascade effect from all of that. My body could be breaking down from the severe stress, who knows?

    If I ever hack up something like that again? I will keep it, you can bet your ass on that. I did print the pics for the doc and took them in. He was not phased. Which surprised me. I guess I am over-reacting to The Thing That Came From My Throat. But I thought it was weird as shit.

    I do still have my tonsils. And they are swollen as all Hell. And the thought has crossed my mind that perhaps an abscess has formed back there and that might be the actual culprit and those babies are gonna have to come out. When I was a smoker, I used to get Bronchitis and/or throat infections ALL the time. When I quit, they stopped for a while. But after that, Bennett's shit started and I started getting sick again with more frequency.

    I attribute my recent propensity to frequency and intensity of sickness to the following:

    1. I do not get out of the house very much.
    2. Bennett attends a school with disabled kids. Disabled kids and hygiene, sadly, do not often go hand in hand. Germs abound. I get exposed to a lot. Since I don't get out of the house a lot, I don't build up a lot of immunity.
    3. Stress is decimating my immune system.
    4. Overall Physical health is terrible. The drugs I take will often leave me so un-hungry I won't eat until evening. But then in the evening I will have 2 full meals. I'm probably refluxing and exacerbating the throat problem AND whammy-jammying my immune system by not eating the right kinds of foods at the right times.
    5. Extreme lack of intensity of exercise (much of the reason being I feel sick all the time).

    ALL of this much change. Change is the hardest thing to achieve.

    Short but sweet. Just like me.

    Trying not to, REALLY REALLY trying.

    Tried to find a stronger drug than Mucinex, but could Mucinex what you are recommending? I do REALLY hope that CFS is not something I am getting. That would suck in a major way.

    Jen are SUPPOSED to laugh. I want you to. My Mom's greatest gift to me in life was a sense of humor. It is the biggest and greatest shield, and quite possibly the ONLY shield, I have left. So laugh away.

    Hey I can absolutely curb those cravings...just tell me to which e-mail address you want me to send some photos... ;)

  11. I had a non-cancerous growth (the docs refused to call it a tumor) on the back of my throat. Scared me for months. I found out about it shortly after my dad was diagnosed with kidney and prostate cancer. My growth was surgically removed and the worst part of the whole ordeal was waiting for the lab tests to come back to see what it was. They never could tell me what it was or why it was there, or if it was liable to come back. Just glad it is gone.

    All in all it was an easy procedure and my fears made it a much bigger problem that it really was.


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