Thursday, May 26, 2011

It Ain't All Bad...

Lest ye think that it is.

Lately? Sure, it has had its ups and downs. And yeah, the blog tends to get focused a bit more on the downs. That's kind of natural.

The blog is almost like my electronic shrink. I purge a lot here. Aren't you lucky? So while there is inevitably SOME good in every single given day, sadly Blogzilly usually only gets to taste the turds that I often serve it.


I do SO owe it, and its readership, better than that, don'tcha think? I do. And I certainly owe it to myself. I owe it more things like catching Bennett falling asleep on the living room floor with his butt up in the air, a PRICELESS moment.

Is that not adorable as crap? OK...NOTE TO SELVES: Back to some more palatable subjects, less bitching.

You know it's funny, after I made that fog reference in the last post, I was sort of dwelling on that for awhile, wondering why I used it. I then come across a post by 'D' of Happy Being Trevy in a Yahoo Forum about Topamax. One of the big side effects of taking the drug being...fogginess.

D'OH! right.

NO WONDER I forgot my freaking appointment at Bennett's school on Monday since I forgot to write it down on the paper calendar. No wonder I had to pay extra for a rush delivery on a gift to my Mom for her birthday because I forgot to do it a week before despite the Post-It Note that was hanging in front of my face THE ENTIRE WEEK. No wonder I sometimes have trouble remembering shit lately when I never used to be so forgetful. Shit like...where's my hat? No WONDER I forgot I was taking DOPE-A-MAX.

I am going to have to just start carrying either a small notebook around in my pocket or a digital device of some kind, since I have no cell phone, to deal with this fog issue. Especially now that I know that I'm not just losing my mind, it's medication related. Maybe I'll just go off the stuff. Of course, by the time I'm done writing this blog, I'll probably have forgotten.

You ever see the movie Memento? It was directed by Christopher Nolan before he became the guy who made Batman cool in the movies again. Highly recommend it.

At least...I think I do.



  1. WOW -- the Butt-flag sleeping Bennett IS adorable! Holy crap!

    Hey...I vote for keeping a reminder book with you rather than ditiching the Topamax. Withdrawal form one while ramping up unknown others sucks.

  2. your always keepin' it real....that's what don't owe it to any of us or anyone to make it anything but real....

    so if it's a streak of crappy days/weeks/ be it...I have many myself,we all do...
    blog away my friend!!!!

    The Bennett pic is definitely therapy needed at the end of a bad day :)

  3. Highly ironic that Topamax is effective for weight loss, depression, etc., memory loss, etc. but not so much for epilepsy.

    Those photos of Bennett are THE BEST!

    WV: varinal (sounds like some kind of vaginal urinal -- can you believe I'd type out something so crass?)

  4. Ken, I am glad you have this blog to dump your thoughts and moods. Many out here understand (at least some what). But, knowing how you look back and read through old stuff, I do hope you have some place where you are listing the good things that happen. (and not just in your foggy brain).
    In my world those little moments of good can carry me through long periods of "not so good".

    Happy Birthday to your Mom. And continued prayers for your family.

  5. You don't owe anybody anything, but thank you for the Bennett-pictures anyway. They are so adorable that would cancel out the gross flying throat thingy pictures if you ever decided to post them. Any news on that by the way? Have you seen the specialist? Sorry about the forgetfulness, I can somewhat relate, I think my IQ dropped 20 points since Izzy was born due to sleep deprivation. I love Memento, I think the directing job was genius. Just don't start tattooing stuff on yourself.

  6. I was on Topamax a few months a few years ago, for migraine. It did nothing at all for the migraines but I did drop 15 pounds without even trying (sadly they jumped back on over time). It is a hard drug to be on. I had extreme fogginess at first and when I started thinking about the fact that I am the primary caregiver for a little kid with a disability, it scared me to be on it. Hope it works out for you.

  7. The best thing my counselor did for me was to suggest I get a blackberry , or something similar, to navigate through my naturally foggy, ADD challenges. I set an alarm for EVERYTHING, including return calls, pick up things at the shop, emails, etc. It not only allowed me to be more reliable, it alleviated so much stress. I really hate to disappoint, so missed deadlines and forgotten communications made me feel dreadful. I have two Blackberries I no longer use if you'd like one. Even without the phone service, you could keep notes, set alarms, take pictures, etc. I switched to Virgin Mobile and now have an equally as useful Android phone for which I pay only $40 each month, if you're in the market. Just a thought.

    Happy belated to your Mum.

    Hang in there, we're all rootin' for you.

  8. That's me...always helpful tidbits ;)

    And my word...what a cute kid you've got!



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