Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Mathers Day?

How come there is no Mathers Day? You have a Mothers Day. You have a Fathers Day. You even have a Grandparents Day...but nothing for the Mathers of the world.

And I don't mean Jerry Mathers, best known for playing Theodore 'Beaver' Cleaver on the hit television sit-com Leave it to Beaver from 1957-1963. I'm talking about a sort of hybrid between a Mother and a Father, that person that has to assume both roles. That parent, whether it is the male or the female, that has to be Mother AND Father to their kid, either because of the fact that the other parent is gone, or is simply a douche.

Where's THEIR friggin' day?

I mean, ultimately, these people are as deserving as the rest of the parents out there, and certainly that was what my Mom actually had to be, and the best way to describe that, other than a Fommy, is a Mather, wouldn't you agree? Or I could call it SingleDad's Day...but then I'd need to find a blogger named SingleMom.

Besides...Fommy just sounds like someone with a speech impediment trying to tell you something about The Who. So I'll stick with Mathers Day. Obviously that day can't be today, since today is Father's Day and all, but it is something we all need to figure out and get Hallmark involved in.

I just realized I started this whole blog talking about Beaver at my Mom's house. That's kinda weird.

So here I sit, in Arkansas, at my Mom's house. She lives here with Ken, her high school sweetheart, whom she met up with and married after the Number Two guy I mentioned a couple of blogs back. They say the third times the charm. In this case they weren't bullshitting. Couldn't ask for a better human being to be with my mother. Well, except maybe Ghandi, but I think he's dead.

They ALSO say you can't go home this case, via various loopholes, BULLSEYE AGAIN. Cause I kinda didn't.

Arkansas and I don't have a lot of history between us. I was born in St. Louis, Missouri, actually, and bounced around quite a bit. From there to Kansas City, Texas, Maryland, Georgia and Ohio, but I never resided in Arkansas. And my Mom never thought she would again either, though this state is the wellspring that spat forth her side of the family. Both her parents and their parents before them were born here.

But this house? Never seen it before. I've seen some of the stuff in it, just in a different location, so it's a little weird. Nice place though. Very clean and neat and tidy. Definitely no small kids to chase around, that's for sure.

Last time I was in Arkansas I WAS one of those small kids to be chased around. I came out here to visit with one of my Great Aunts and Uncles, there is photographic proof that I have been here before, even if I don't have a lot of memory of it.

Check it out if you don't believe, circa 1971.

There will be none of those shenanigans this time around, I can assure you of that, but so far it's been great to relax and chill with My Mom and Ken, although admittedly I do miss Jen and the kids a lot. And I've only been here less than 24 hours.

Did I mention that I got here in under 12 hours? That's over 700 miles folks and I made three gas/pee-pee stops. You do the math.



  1. just relax and enjoy yourself Ken.the pictures certianly bring back some memories of us on that porch.we were always trying to be some kind of super a way you have become one.Your a super hero to your kids, and to Jen. Happy Fathers Day , brother.i hope it is all it can be and more.

  2. Aaawh you spent Father's Day without your wife and kids! I hope it was still a good one, since your Mom was there. Happy Father's Day (it's still the 19th here on the west coast)!

    As for Mathers Day, how about we celebrate those single parents two times a year: both on Mother's Day and Father's Day?

  3. mouth
    I am. It's been very slow-paced. While a bit strange sometimes with no schedule to follow, I certainly am not fighting the flow, that's for sure. Nice and quiet.

    erika wasn't supposed to go down that way, but when I switched to the staying and watching Bennett that was the way it had to be. Yeah, I guess until Hallmark steps up your way will have to be the way to go.

  4. Happy Father's Day (late). My brother just got notice that his job is moving him to Arkansas (Bentenville I think) from Chicago. He works for Kee Action sports, which is a paintball company. Not sure why a paintball company needs to be in Arkansas lol. But him and I are very close, so I imagine I will be visiting there from time to time.


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