Thursday, June 23, 2011

OK, I Lied

Remember how I said the next time you'd be hearing from me I would be in Ohio?

Well, that's not entirely accurate.

On Wednesday night, I started giving it some thought. I had planned to go back on Thursday, and the primary reasons were so that I could be there on Friday when Jen came back from Cleveland. She's up there as I write this, for Bennett's 2-year follow ups at Cleveland Clinic, but let me come back to that in a moment.

Mainly I wanted to do this for the sake of Carter, who seemed genuinely upset that I was not with him on the Virginia Beach trip and then, a day after they got back to Columbus, I left to go away for a while. Really bugged him. So I figured it would be super cool to beat them back to Casa de Lilly so that upon their return I would be there.

Upon further review I realized that they would be getting home VERY late on Friday night, and I then realized that, by that time, Carter would either be totally zonked or super cranky, and it would probably not be the 'cue the music' style reunion I was imagining for us. (Returning on Friday was not an option though, because of severe traffic that my folks have experienced on this route that they have warned me about, so it's either Thursday or Saturday, NOT Friday.)

So I called Jen, asked her is she would be cool with me changing my return day to Saturday. I'd leave earlier than usual so I could get home by sunset, and she was totally fine with I pretty much figured she would be. Now with Crystal back in the picture helping out until the beginning of September, she'll have some help on Saturday so that won't be an issue, and so I went back in (I was outside getting a better cell phone signal) and told my Mom I was going to stay an extra couple of days.

She was thrilled about it, although admittedly just isn't something that is normally in my character. I am NOT a spur of the moment kind of guy. I just kind of thought it through and it kind of just came over me in the Makes Perfect Sense to Stay Until Saturday Department so I just did it.

Having a wife that was super agreeable to it just made it that much easier.

I miss my boys and my wife, don't get me wrong, and I have tons of work piling up and oh man, that lawn...there is grass that has probably grown up to my gonads by now, cause I could not cut it before I left due to rain.

But you know what? It'll all still be there on Saturday afternoon.

On the Bennett front, one little bit of news before I go back to Chill Central. Jen called me this morning to let me know that Bennett's MRI remains clear as we now near the 2-year anniversary since the removal of his brain tumor. That's great news. Every new MRI that he has that gets a negative (which actually translates to POSITIVE) report is something to absolutely be thankful for.

But best of all, this is the very first time in ages that, upon waking from his knock-out gas, that he hasn't bitch-slapped the shit out of her or taken a bite out of her that left a mark on her for a month.


She said that this is the 'best he has ever been'...her exact words, upon waking up from an MRI, and we don't know if that is because of the Risperidol, or the fact that he is growing beyond that, or what. And the truth is at the end of the day the reasons why are less relevant to us than the changes themselves.

Here's to hoping that tomorrow's EEG is as equally rewarding.



  1. So, does this "Jen" have a sister? Hell, I'll even take a distant cousin.

    Sometimes we have a period where things just work. Thrilled for you!

  2. "...the reasons why are less relevant to us than the changes themselves."


    For ever part of this, good on you!

  3. Fantastic -- I think you should go out now and buy a lottery ticket. Your luck has turned and your life and everything in it will be tremendously easy and successful from here on out!

  4. Awesome on all fronts.Bennett especially,I must say.Great news on the MRi

    Joe is on Risperidol and it has been amazing for him.Hated doing at first.Wasn't an easy decision,but when I see the difference it has made,I know it was the right thing to do.

  5. Hey Ken so glad the MRI came out clean and I PRAY it remains so forever. You are a FANTASTIC father I know because I have CP and although my father talks a LOT he doesn't really say much and the only time he engages with me is when I need something. Where are my manners? My name is Nisha and I'm 20-year-old from South Africa who found your blog on Love That Max

  6. Cool plan. I hate noting how relatively close you are to us here and me having no funds/time to meet you somewhere in between. Awesome news with Bennett! And of course Carter missed you, your the Daddy!
    Would love to hear an update on your Mom. She is awesome, sent me a birthday card you know.

  7. SingleDad
    She does, but alas, she is married. There are still a few female members of Jen's family who are not, however, as she has a LOT of cousins. SO there's still time.

    I'm just enjoying the week for what it is.

    You're funny. I just WISH that one week from now I knew I would be feeling the same way I am today. I know I won't be, as Life awaits back home, and all the stuff that we have to deal with still, like the house coming apart, the therapy stuff, the unemployment stuff, the health stuff, and on and on...but I'll maintain the high for as long as I can.

    And the real truth is Bennett is on such a LOW dose I didn't think it would make any difference at all. When we increased it he had all the poopin' problems, so we backed off to the half initial dose. That seems to be enough so we are staying there. But will it be enough long term? I dunno, but I'm afraid to increase cause it REALLY bound him up.

    Welcome, thanks for stopping by. I read a little of your blog today. While I don't even understand a thing about Twitter and all that I can say I was impressed with all the steps you are taking toward independence and it is interesting to see someone with a disability writing their own blog from their perspective. Makes me wonder what my own son might write in 16 years if he is able to at that time.

    You don't happen to be an AT&T customer do you? If you are I can call you from my cell and talk for free. Or on Saturday I can call you from the road and its free and I'll give you an update. Just send me your number through Facebook. I was aware of the birthday card. She has always said you coming up for the surgery was one of the coolest things of all time. (I still really need to write that blog's only been almost two years now, how's THAT for procrastination?)

  8. Awesome news on Bennett! So happy for you!


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