Friday, July 22, 2011


Our o'er-priced house, just keeps a leakin',
Our wound-up kids, they keep a freakin',
My cheesed-off wife, she aint' a speakin',
I spend my life, hunched o'er the pee kin,
My tonsil stones, they are a stinkin',
But maybe Steve, one S'tember weekin',
Can come on over, his tools a klink'in,

And help us fix this F*#KING shit!!!

Stevie...Miss you buddy. I imagine you must be hip-deep in Slave Leia bikini's right about now. Or at least maybe a porterhouse the soize o' me left leg. Whatever it is, it has got to be better than here.

And besides, there's toys and comics.

Most people reading are probably going 'Huh'?



  1. Wow Ken that looks really bad with the leaks. I am at least going to hope it stops raining for you. Wish there was something I could do, but generally speaking, if it isn't a computer, I can't fix it. Hang in there man.

    Regarding Steve, I assume you are talking about the San Diego comic con :) Went once long ago. Don't imagine I will be going again anytime soon. Now I can only watch it on TV.

    (liked the poem format too)

  2. Your poem should have appeared on The Writer's Almanack. Seriously.

    I hope everything gets fixed soon.

    It was good to hear your voice, though!

  3. The poem was the cause of coffee sprayin out of the mouth on the computer screen. Thanks, Ken. LOL Seriously, praying for your situation!

  4. Thanks all,

    Yes I was talking about San Diego Comic-Con. I miss those days. I think I have a photo somewhere of my very last time at that show. 2006 as I believe.

    I'll F-bucket it, hold on...

    Here ya go...this was before the really dark stuff started happening, before Life became hard again. This was right at the edge of the cliff.

    As for my voice in the video Elizabeth, it is not an accurate representation. I do indeed have some tonsil stones, big time, had one pulled out the night before, my throat was still raw and I have to have me some surgery. Wonder if it will change my voice even more?

    And Kris? Thanks...I got a feelin' I'm gonna be needing all the G-Man help I can get in the coming weeks. Storm's a plenty coming...


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