Saturday, August 27, 2011

And Now They Are Gone

So I used to have tonsils. Now I don't.

Yesterday I had a Tonsillectomy to have my throat testes removed. I haven't had surgery since around 1992 I believe, or it might have been 1993, I am not 100% sure.

I know it was during the time I was working for IKEA in Baltimore, in between the time I attended St. Mary's College of Maryland for my B.F.A. and The Savannah College of Art and Design for my M.F.A., so that puts it in the first half of the 90's that much I know for sure. That's how I attempt to remember things, betwixt significant milestones in Life.

And although I have no immediate recollection whatsoever of the year, I could probably find it if I actually felt like spending some time looking. What's that mean? I have typically written like this most of my young adult life, just not publicly. I have kept some kind of a journal, in some form, with a few years gap, since around the age of 13 or 14.

You know...'Dear Diary, got a zit on my back today, kissed a girl for the first time, got tied up and left in the basement', that kind of thing. Just your typical average stuff that happens to you when you're livin' life in the good old U.S. of A.

What a difference 17 or so years makes though.

When I had my Appendectomy, an emergency one I might add, I had to admit to the anesthesiologist and the Doc who was going to be cutting my guts open that I was high on marijuana before I came in to the ER to be admitted. And coming out of the anesthesia was a BITCH because of that and because I was such a heavy smoker.

This time around, I had to admit to the anesthesiologist and the Doc who was going to be snipping out the smelly mouth balls that I had started taking Fish Oil supplements on Tuesday when I found out via my History and Physical that my Cholesterol and Triglycerides are high. I was terrified that my surgery might get canceled when I found out those were on the 'No Takey' list, but since it was only three days, it was cool.

And THIS time, since I have been Cancer Stick free for what will be three years this coming December 1st, I woke up from the anesthesia like I just had a quick nap, was alert and attentive and everyone in there was like 'WHOA, are you sure you are OK?' and I was as surprised as they were but not only was I fine but I wasn't nauseous I wasn't that woozy and I barely felt bad at all.

Of course, it was hard to speak, but not too bad, and I was sore in the throat. But it wasn't the horrific pain I thought it might be.

Then today happened.

I feel like I have swallowed a bowl full of crushed glass. I can barely talk at all. I guess the honeymoon is over and all those mixed drugs they gave me from yesterday have finally worn off for good.

Oh well. Not like I'm not used to a little pain. Looks like I'll have to be taking it easier than I thought I would be.

But the whole recovery scenario is WAY better than it was the last time. My Mom is here. Back then, she lived across town, and she wasn't with me 24/7, nor did I have a wife or anybody else. I was pretty much on my own and a LOT less mobile. I didn't have any Internet, no X-Box, and Cable TV sucked. I don't even think I had a cordless phone.

Though admittedly my BRAIN was probably better served at the time, because I do recall a stack of books I had purchased that I had been meaning to read and burning through every one of them and getting more. I can't remember the last time I picked UP a book unless it was to do research.

Though even with all the stuff at my disposal, my Mom wants me taking it easy, and so I am. What is most maddening to not be WORKING, because I am generally a workaholic.

In fact the second we got home from surgery there was a box here for my home business and the first thing I did on instinct was walk over and pick it up and went for my pocket knife to go examine the contents. She of course took the box and made me go sit down.

I guess that was the adult equivalent of a time out. From then on I complied. Last thing in the worlds I need my kids to see is their Dad get a spanking or something at age 43. :)

I know I promised to do the Second Trilogy this upcoming week. I still HOPE to, but we'll see how I feel. I don't want to take any unnecessary risks, and exacerbate the situation. I'll do the best I can and update you all when I get a chance.



  1. Oh...your alive....I had already started my list of things I want from you closet. Oh well...I can wait. Now we are even closer to brothers...I don't have my tonsils either. Glad you are ok. Say hello to your Mom for me.

  2. I heard that having your tonsils out as an adult is a killer! maybe i should do, i might lose a few pounds! Hopefully that throat feels better soon!

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  4. Of course I mean "you're" and "your." Man! And I start teaching Monday!

  5. Hey friend, please do take it easy, because I am scared to death I'll have to run MiP all by my lonesome, and you know for sure, nothing good could come from that!

  6. Happy healing! :)

    Seriously? I do wish you a very fast recovery. :)

  7. I am really, really, really trying not say something about spanking....argh....get well soon!

  8. Take it easy and get well soon! It'll be okay to keep us all in suspense for a while.

  9. I'm glad they're out. And now get cracking on the rest of those posts. :)

  10. Ken, in June '93 I was offered a job at the same Ikea store as a designer of their displays... I turned it down because I was also offered, an hour earlier on the same day, to join the Harford County Sheriff's Office. The pay was A LOT better and I got to wear tactical gear and storm jail cells... no brainer. I had no idea you worked there. Weird.
    Praying you heal quickly...

  11. I'm glad to hear the recovery is going fairly well Ken! Take care of yourself! Since I am well past lunch time, the graphics of the tonsils were actually pretty amazing! I'll bet you're glad to have those buggers out :)


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