Friday, August 12, 2011

Fruitless Pursuits

It's like getting a new job, just not getting paid for it.

I was recently, to my surprise and glee, as I mentioned briefly in my last post, asked to be a contributor to the blog site called Fruitless Pursuits. I accepted, with some hesitation, but only because I wasn't sure that I could really offer any kind of contribution that would live up to what I consider to be a very high standard (I have a great deal of respect for the people there).

That and the fact that I was concerned about the amount of time I have in any give day. It seems to shrink as each day passes.

But I needed an outlet that is not here. And I have been finding, lately, that in this space I can't cut loose as easily as I used to. I hold back...not in matters of Life or with my gutter mouth or ranting and bitching or anything like that. I hold back on some content...content like toys, games, TV...those things that appear in the header that this blog was ORIGINALLY, back in February of 2009, designed to be about, until later that month my son Bennett had other plans and everything changed.

Since then, this blog has often been at odds with itself, as I have often been. And maybe it is time that I address that in a more direct way, and maybe this invitation is a way for me to do just that.

SO...if you like that kind of thing, and don't mind some salty, more adult themes, with a heavy dose of Geek, feel free to check out some of my posts over there when I write them. I'll figure out some to create a notification here when I do. But if that isn't your cup of tea, believe me, I'm not offended by that. Not in the LEAST.

I've thus far posted two over there intro, and my first real 'article' in a series that I have decided to call A Closet Full of Crap, in which I will essentially just focus on my obsession with stuff of all and collectibles mainly. I have a couple of ideas for a few other themes, and will branch out to them when there is time.

And blogzilly? I expect it to remain much the way it has been...since it hasn't really strayed into those areas much of late, I will keep it about my family, and let it remain that, and any of the dangling strings of stuff like Chronolillogy will just get picked up over there at Fruitless Pursuits and also live here in an archival form. And who knows? I can always post stuff from there over here if I feel like it, I figure I can always see how it goes and it can be one of those evolving kind of things. I need to be less OCD anyway, right?

See? It just takes me a couple of decades, but eventually I do get my shit together.



  1. I'll read anything you write and hope you'll do the same for me (although I do remember that some of the poetry I post makes you run, run, run!).

  2. Hey nice shirt. It was the first pre-season weekend!


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