Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Good Evening, Mr. Phelps Case #080911

I figure I will start a nifty numbering system for these now. And I am not even going to COPY them over here. I'm going to just pick a photo and let you know that I have written a post over at Mission: iPossible! - Glass Half-Full. This one is just celebrating the fact that we have actually gone OVER our 50% point towards our overall goal of 20 iPads for our first official 'Mission'.

I feel like Peter FREAKIN' Graves, BABY!!!

I swear, one day I will take my blog back.

Though I was invited to join the team over at Fruitless Pursuits. [WARNING: Mom's, People of Wholesomeness and Virtue, Those at Work...Best to just read on and not go poking around that link.]

I'm honored...beyond honored...that they would ask me. These guys are hugely inspiring to me. But I'm unbelievably INTIMIDATED. I missed all those guys (and girls), those that I know, but I almost don't know what to DO. These are HEAVY-HITTING creative types and I feel somewhat...over-matched. Like how I feel when I walk around a locker room naked.

I don't know what kind of content to focus on over there so I have total brain-lock. What would I even focus in on? And I would feel like I would need a NICHE. NICHE DAMMIT, NICHE!!!!!

But I want it bad, I need it bad, though in some ways I almost want to do it in a sort of anonymous way, a kind of Enigmatic Dr. Tit (only some VERY old friends will understand the reference there) kind of way. But even saying it means I can't DO it.

I almost need that kind of outlet and this blog has even had to be toned back a bit as far as my ability to really letting LOOSE in. I've been so serious for so long I don't know how to let my hair down anymore!

Oh wait...I don't have any hair.




  1. Ken, I'm really looking forward to your posts there. You're an awesome writer with great insight, and we're all excited to have you on board. Definitely don't feel intimidated and just dive right in!

  2. Ken, I started reading your blog before I "knew" you, simply because I loved your writing. It always gives me a smile, if not an all out gut-laugh :) Keep it up and congrats!

  3. This post made my day. You crack me up.

  4. I cannot wait until you're posting over there! This is FANTASTIC!

  5. Ken, you could write about a slice of bread and it would be entertaining. There you go! Write about a slice of bread!

    We need you more than ever because my computer died and I'll be struggling for a couple of days. Your creative achievements DWARF ours so you have no reason to be intimidated! :)

    There you go! Write about dwarves!


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