Monday, August 15, 2011


This was posted today over at the Mission: iPossible! site. I'm going to share these 'iPosts' in their entirety here whenever one goes up over there, well, because I like what they stand for. :)

I was wondering if this particular iPad2 was EVER going to get into Elizabeth's hands! :)

But the good news is, she has terrific grandparents, and she was staying out there for a couple of weeks, and it was just a matter of timing that kept this particular mission from reaching its final stage of conclusion.

But when it did...according to Cyndy, Elizabeth's Mom, and her Aunt Kathleen, who has also been majorly involved in a lot of the behind the scenes communications, there has just been an enormous amount of WOW. And that is exactly the kind of word that I most often hear from the loved ones of any of the kids that pick up one of these machines and start using them.


That video was sent to me by her Mom, and I asked her if I was allowed to post it. Earlier she had sent me some shots she had to take with her phone, that you will see below, in low light that I went back into and sort of painted on with some filters and brushes and asked how she felt about them.

She was cool with the changes I made since it enhanced the imagery, and when she sent along this video and the OK on the photos, she said this about the video, and I agree...'I think that it provides a genuine impression of just how MUCH Elizabeth LOVES her iPad'.

Kathleen also sent me a couple of photos as well, and some notes, the photos she took are at the top and bottom of this post. I was very taken with what she said about what she observed in the opening weekend with Lizzy and her iPad.

'Her favorite game so far is Word Bingo and she is counting and writing letters and spelling words! My sister spent half the afternoon with her mouth hanging open in awe...Once she learns to read (which I hope is soon with the iPad), the sky will be the limit.

BTW, she has perfect pitch (we already knew that) and she memorized the ABC song this afternoon using the ABC Song App after just 2 listens all the way through.'

To me? That is astounding. Simply astounding.

But I think the best of the notes that I got from either of the sisters was the first, the one right after they let me know that Elizabeth got the iPad, the one that first captured the essence of the moment.

This is the one that I'll always go back to whenever I think about this particular iPad and this particular kiddo.

'Elizabeth came home from her grandparents tonight, by the time I had helped her out of the van, and brought in a load of groceries, she had found the re-gift wrapped iPad, unwrapped it and was sitting on the couch playing with it. :-) So much for the photo op of unwrapping. :-)

She is navigating through the apps, viewing pictures, building a snowman (cause it's 80 degrees here and she wanted build a snowman for her big sister).

I'm amazed... for a child who cannot read from a book, due to visual impairment, she can search and locate apps without any difficulty. And, although her fine motor issues make it difficult for her to write she is easily drawing letters and spelling small words with the iWrite words app.

Thank you for this, our lives are forever changed, words cannot express our gratitude.'

I think words expressed it just fine.


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  1. Awesome.

    And I'm sorry to hear you're in a funk -- or is that Heather in a funk?


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