Thursday, August 25, 2011

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Dose of Spiritual Creaminess

My total bad.

I know so many of you were hoping I was going to wrap up this journey by week's end. So was I quite frankly. But a funny thing happened on the way to spiritual enlightenment. When I made the decision to go from one Massive Blog to a split-entry format, I started adding some stuff in. As that occurred, the whole process evolved.

As that evolution occurred, last night I had an epiphany and needed to add some things, it was important to me. So I had to expand the series from V chapters to VI.

OK, I admit it, I was just trying to be more like George.

BUT...I am about to get my throat gonads yanked out tomorrow, and so there is just no time to write that inserted fifth chapter in time to keep everything a-flowing properly, so I decided to save the Original Trilogy for next week. Consider this past week, Episodes I through III, sort of like a Prequel Trilogy with no Jar-Jar.

Which KINDA works, when you think about it, since it did end with a fall from grace and a fairly unhappy ending, although I did NOT get a cool black suit and a red light-saber, which ROYALLY pisses me off, since I thought that was mandatory once you start down a Dark Path.

I guess I did not read the fine print.

So, if I am still alive after the surgery I can finish this all up next week and publish it then and give it the time and the care it deserves. Besides, the painkillers may actually make me decide to toss a few Ewoks in there...and we all know that EVERYBODY LOVES EWOKS!



  1. Personally, I would prefer no Jar-Jar AND no Ewoks. But if I have to choose, then NO Jar-Jar.

    Good luck tomorrow.


  2. You big tease. You have my prayers.

  3. Your forgiven. More prayers coming your way from California.

  4. OH come on!!! You're leaving me hanging like this??? OK I'll forgive you this once. Guess that gives me good reason to tweek a little too and maybe even add a pic or two for grins & chuckles.

    Happy Tonsil Day. I'll be thinking of you. And please call if you or the family needs anything. I've no plans Sun. or Mon. and you know how I love that drive south.

  5. Praying for a good surgery. Looking forward to the expanded series.


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