Sunday, September 11, 2011


OK, so I am swiping again. I wrote this a little bit ago over at Mission: iPossible, as part of a post to get those folks caught up, but I wanted to share THIS part over here, because I know the two audiences aren't always synched up.

Like I mentioned there, I'm not done recovering from my Tonsillectomy. I still have some issues in my throat, some pain and some kind of discomfort and weird feeling and swelling on one side. Time to go March with the ENTS.

But the MAIN thing I wanted to be sure I mentioned over here is the news about Sam, one of the earlier Mission: iPossible iPad Recipients, who is recovering from a broken femur in the hospital. His Mom, cerealgirl007, who you can find over at her blog Cereal World, could use some encouragement, as she is stuck 24-7 all by herself over 14 hours away from her home at the Children's Hospital, and poor Sam is in traction for at LEAST three weeks and has a LONG road of recovery ahead of him.

We gotta show some support, that has to be BRUTAL!!!

Anyway, I hope you are all having a fairly good day, remembering the events that happened ten years ago in your own way.

My own thoughts I do have about 9/11, but I've just got too much to do today to write about them, and well, I may NEVER get to them, but maybe I don't need to. If I can, I will, and if not I'll leave it to those far more qualified than I.


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