Mr. Clean

Got word from the Neuro-O today. The MRI was clean. No tumor regrowth as we had feared. I did not drive up there, we canceled the appointment late last week and decided to call in for the results, because I knew I would still be taking pain meds because of the throat and they said it would be OK.

For some reason they are insisting we still make an appointment. When I am up to it I am going to call and 'debate' that. There just is no real need this time, so I want to argue for a pass this time around. I need to rest, and Jen has a leg surgery coming up, there needs to be some kind of a 'One-Time' release or something.

Anyway, I'm not at 100% and will write more soon but wanted to at least share that bit of news.



  1. Thanks for the update. I had not forgotten that Bennett had to have another MRI and I was just wondering today about what came of it. This is good news! You deserve some of that.

  2. Alleluia.

    Feel better, rest and lots of love sent your way --

  3. That is awesome news! Thanks for the quick update.javascript:void(0)

  4. Great news!!! Thanks for the update. I kept debating whether I should e-mail you but I knew you would post when you found something out.

    (word verification...restbar)

  5. So, without those bizarro things in your throat, and the clean MRI ... I guess you have nothing to blog about anymore. Been nice knowing you ...

  6. Awesome news! Made my day!!! Now get better yourself :)

  7. Joyce & Sarah here, Thanks for the update. That is a relief for sure. So proud of you that you are taking it easy for a while. I know that must be hard. An apple a day...:)

  8. Wonderful news. I know that was a great relief! If only the new Batman v-game was could play it while you recover!

  9. Read this the other day, but forgot to comment.
    Wonderful news! I'm so glad to hear it.


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