Saturday, October 1, 2011

An Odd Interaction

Between my son and I in the kitchen for a few minutes, hanging out. Not sure if he was just tired or what...but he was definitely not sure what he was going for that afternoon. Still cute as all get out though...

I know...I'm a bit on the strange side. Oh well, it was fun for ME.



  1. Zero comments, on this sweet video. What??

    What struck me most while watching was your calm,patient and soothing voice.

    A voice of a dad who adores his beautiful boy.

  2. This is like a lesson in Floortime therapy.... I just love how you're just going wherever he's going, while urging him to expand a bit (the "Aqualung" reference made me laugh out loud). He may not be sure what he wants, but he's pretty clear what he doesn't want: "Can you say 'futility'?" "No." HAHAHA!

  3. That was sweet....he is adorable and you really are amazing the way you interact with him.

    I heard you say something about a"Dead concert " .....believe it or not I went to GD concert back in the day, but I don't remember it quite like that :)

    You make me laugh.

  4. This is a sweet video. I agree, that the most striking thing is the way you talk to him, so calmly, so lovingly. And it seems that Bennett hears you and undertands. Whether or not he wants to acknowledge...well that depends on the moment lol. (That is my perception based on this short clip...not sure how accurate I am)
    Thanks for sharing.


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