Monday, October 31, 2011

Shit Happens

OK, so I took two weeks off.

Lot of things happened in those two weeks. Bennett had his Quarterly Review at Step-By-Step Academy. I discovered another Ohioan raising money for iPads. Batman: Arkham City came out. Bennett had his IEP meeting. Carter played his final flag football game. Jen's parents returned from their month long trip abroad.

Lots went down.

And I'll be discussing none of it today. Because I am going to try to start taking more of a Corporal Hicks philosophy to at least a PORTION of my blogging. SHORT CONTROLLED BURSTS.

I'll still have the longies. Me loves the longies. But I gotta shorten some of them up. Hell, even this one is going too long already. Eventually I am going to try an exercise of formatting a few 'styles' as a test, just to see if it can work for me, call it pargraphical limiticus. I am going to use those templates as a guide for certain days of the week to simply lash my tongue (or in this case fingers) and eventually I will learn how to tighten up my thoughts.

I will become a leaner writer. Period.

So what WAS my point? Oh yeah. Bennett is taking dumps on the bowl.


And what is crazier still is that he is basically initiating it mostly on his own.

We started the process, by sitting him down a few times when we saw him sneak off like a cat and get that redness to the face that all you parents recognize immediately. But eventually, I guess he started to dig the feeling, because now he will, if he is 'moved', so to speak, will let us know that the barbarians are at the gate.

Bennett has not pooped in his pants in around 4 days in a row now. All weekend long he asked to go to the bathroom. Not for pee, just for poop. Though he will ask to go for farts too. He seems to favor the words ‘PuhPAY! PuhPAY!’. In Benglish this sounds an awful lot like 'Puppy' sometimes. He also wants me to read the Poop Book every day, multiple times, to him. Though during the read he often stares off into the distance as I read the words, which I do very dramatically by the way, I am a DAMN GOOD children's book reader.

But that's just what he does, and I'm down with it. Cause when it's over he knows, and he cheers.

Like an adolescent rushing FAR too quickly for third base on a first date, we tried underwear with Bennett all of Sunday morning. We took him to the bathroom at intervals for peeing. Worked for around 4-5 hours. But he eventually did tinkle in his undies. But then we came to our senses and realized we were moving too fast.

Guess we got a bit over-excited.

Hell...I thought I'd be changing his diaper at age 16 at one point, but I guess I'll be adjusting my perspective on a LOT of things around here.

NOTE TO SELF...really gotta figure out how to teach him to not stick his head and hands in the toilet AFTER he poops in it.



  1. Hey, pooping in the potty is a huge feat!! Way to go Bennett!!

  2. Woo Hoo! Awesome, awesome news. As someone who changes the diapers of a sixteen year old, I can assure you that this is the awesomest of news!

  3. Well, you already know how absolutely thrilled I am about this. Just thought that the milestone deserved yet another shout out.

  4. Hey! great news! We tried this summer with our son Javier. We didn't really hope it would work since he didn't look at all as if he was aware of what was going on down there... but amazingly, after a week he was consciously answering "yes" or "no" when asked if he wanted to pee. (Him being able to say "yes" was something we just got...). Since then there have been some accidents, for sure, but most of days he returns clean from school. It's just great when our children just exceed our expectations.

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  6. When one believes ~ miracles happen everyday!!!


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