Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Amazing What Happens When Technology Fails You

You don't realize how much you become dependent on a technology until you can't use it.

Typically in this House of Dripping Walls, it is when the power goes out, which happens quite a lot. And it ALWAYS happens during times that leave me shaking my head. Could be raining like the 40 Days outside and the power doesn't flutter a bit, but on a sunny, moderate day in mid-May suddenly power for 3 hours.

We live on the shittiest grid in the county.

But I'm not talking about power, I'm talking about other technology. This time I am talking about e-mail. I have several e-mail addresses, all used for different things. Many for my freelance business and part-time eBay stuff, others for Mission: iPossible, and still others for personal use. All filtered to this computer through a single e-mail program for my convenience.

I maintain my own FTP and a few web addresses for all this stuff, and the main host/server that I use was getting pummeled by junk mail lately, so in an attempt to 'fix' the problem, the host/server installed some kind of filter on to my account on Monday afternoon.

The problem is that it is FILTERING EVERYTHING!!!!

I am not getting a single MUFUGGIN' e-mail sent to my computer at all!

So now, trying to get it reverted BACK to what it was is taking forever, meanwhile I am in deep, deep shit trying to manage stuff, manually check some places to see if things have shown up where they should, though I know I am missing a TON of stuff, and BTW what the hell happened to all the correspondence from Monday to right now? No one knows. And why does it take so long to get an issue like this corrected when it was so fast and easy to get the freakin' filter turned ON in the first place?


OK...I'm done.



  1. I feel your pain. Similar things have happened to me. Not sure why it should take 3 days to fix it though.


  2. Hope it resolves soon.

  3. Glad you explained, I was about to defriend your butt for all the emails I sent with no response! Sorry" hope it doesn't cost you any money.


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