Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Thought That No Tonsils Meant No Sicky Sicky?

Isn't that title sort of self-explanatory?

But I can't just leave it at that. Besides, this is BLOGGER, not TWITTER. You know, I don't do the whole Twitter thing. I don't Twat, or Twirt, or Twoot, or whatever they call it. Hell, I don't even do the whole Status Update thing on Facebook very often, though I do use it on occasion.

Nah, were I a Super-Villain I would probably be The Riddler.

Mr. Verbosity. Very prone to lots of talk, talk, talk. Or in this case write, write, write. Edward least as he is portrayed in the game Batman: Arkham City (arguably my favorite game of the year and easily on my top five ALL TIME) really can't shut up, and sadly that would be me.

And yet, would be hard-pressed to find me around these parts.

I was going to deluge last week. I had my whole LOFTY 2011 ready to go. Remember that from last year all Ye Faithful? My List of Thankful Things? Two things made me not do it.

One, my technology issues. Slowed me down to a crawl last week, in what was a short week. So there was no time to finalize all the photos for it. Had it written but there was no time to finish it before a Thanksgiving trip. The second reason I canceled it was after reading a post from a fellow blogger that made me think I just didn't want to.

Not that I wasn't, or am not, thankful and grateful for a great many things. In fact, I plan to re-purpose that list for a revised new End of the Year Tradition. Instead, the post I read just made me go inward rather than outward, and that wasn't a bad thing. Sometimes it might be important for me to do that.

Maybe not everything on my mind is meant for sharing. Capise?

And now I'm just sick. Been coming on me like a trickle as of Monday. Then a creek on Tuesday. Now a river today. Sucks.

Sucks. Sucks. Sucks.

I thought that I would be spared these kinds of colds for a while. But I guess even having your tonsils out does not make you immune from cold viruses. I will say this LEAST I don't have those organisms in my throat that I have to deal with during this cold. Previously, when I had the tonsils in, and they were trapping all my goo, those tonsil stones would just get unmanageable.

But now? All mucus just goes down to the depths. Nice.

Hey...gotta add that to my Year-End List...


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  1. Love that pumpkin picture. Gets the point across pretty quick :)


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