Saturday, November 12, 2011

Run, Lola, Run!

And everybody else who is participating in today's Santa Barbara Marathon, but particularly Team GSF. It would take a lot for me to humiliate myself and dress my little guy up like a Cheerleader, but since I could not be there in person, I can only be there in spirit and cheer them on.

Team GSF, who you can read all about here, is a group that was brought together by The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation, and by now any of you reading these pages should know who Bill, Victoria and Gwendolyn are, but in case you might be new they are the amazing family who reached out and helped out Heather and I and the rest of us and essentially made it possible for us to put that Mission One project together over at Mission: iPossible! by allowing us to take a small space underneath the umbrella of trust and security of their organization.

Without that? I don't think the first Mission is over yet. It was that important.

An amazing family, an incredible foundation, and aside from the monumental work they do? They're just damn good PEOPLE.

Wish 'em Godspeed today.



  1. I am trying desperately to get past the graphic, compose myself and comment ... the outfit looks good on you my friend.

    Well, as you can see, I survived, as did Bill and all of the other incredible runners. Really honored to have joined this group and lucky to call this family my friends. And, actually they have become more like family.Which is just as added bonus.

    Thank you for this shout out. We felt the support of so many today. The group of 30 runners raised 50,000 dollars for GSF. now how is that for amazing?

  2. Heather
    Desperately? C' least I left off all the hair. ;) Could have been a LOT worse.

    That is astounding how much money the GSF raises. Sometimes in 2012 I need to get my ass to California and meet everybody.


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