Friday, December 23, 2011

The Perfect Side Dish Is?

What is the perfect side dish for Fried Monitor?

Well, in case you are planning a dinner party and are serving a feast that is featuring such a delicacy, I have discovered the answer!

And lest you think there this is any sort of inspiration from Elizabeth's blog, 'TIS NOT! Here there not be cakes or pies or other amazingly tasty treats. Sorry, but you'll have to seek those and other candy-coated shells of a moon at her site.

And lest you think this is any sort of inspiration derived from Claire's blog, 'TIS NOT! Here there not be oodles of coffee porn, with images of luscious latte's and captivating cappuccino. She's got plenty of those items if that's yer fancy.


Here you get none of those delights, here you get a side dish of Dead Battery to go with your Fried Monitor. Perhaps you were expecting something a little more...cheerful?


OK, so MAYBE I've evolved slightly past Neanderthal over the past, oh...year or so, to where I am a bit more positive about this thing called Life and stuff, but it is still me, and I can get worn down, and it did not help to wake up this morning to a suddenly bleeding mole that is painful as all get out, searing pain up my back from ripping something in my right shoulder while I slept, and the now-dead battery in my wife's car.

Just hasn't been my week.

The fact that both kids are home all day, WITH me, for the next couple weeks?

Joy to the WORLD!

It's not so bad, actually.

Especially now, that I got it all off my chest. I feel better already, in fact.

Because simply put, when you have some help, everything is different.

My wife helped me get some ointment on my back and that helped with some of the immediate pain of the torn muscle. As the day progresses, Ibuprofen is helping with the tear as much as it can. I have the ability to control what I do and do not do as far as physical work force on my back.

Jen's father came by this afternoon and helped with going up to the auto parts store and HE was the one who essentially installed the new battery into Jen's car since Jen took mine to her office. Yeah, it was another monetary expense we don't need this month...but that is out of my hands. Shit? It do happen. Could have been worse. The battery could have died while she was AT her office. Or in traffic.

Crystal, the Home Health Aide who is still with us, is working days and not nights, and it is a tremendous, TREMENDOUS help, and I never say that enough. I mean, I do to her, just not to everybody else.

The mole? Well...that I'll have to just get checked out. Scary, but nothing I can do about that right now, but I don't need to worry about what is not right in front of me.

What is right in front of me? My two kids. Together. Getting on my nerves a little bit, but a lot of the time it is an absolute joy to see them as much as I do. I tend to treasure these experiences more than I used to. Bennett is...blowing my mind in ways I never dreamed. He's not writing any dissertations or anything. But he is peeing and pooping on the potty with some degree of regularity now.

I have no idea how we are communicating that he has to go. But we are. It is the same word for any 'voiding'. He just says 'Poppy' now. We take him on our own sometimes, but he lets us know as well. He has not really had a Number 2 accident in weeks. Number 1 hasn't been a huge problem either. He is wearing that extra thick underwear. He wears diapers to bed, but 6 out of 7 days he wakes up dry.

That is HUGE. HUGE.

I guess the truth is, that even though I try to say that things aren't all that different for me, inside my head, they really are. Especially when it comes to how I am managing my outlook when things go wrong. I count my blessings. A lot more than I used to. And that means something.

No, that means everything.

At least to me.



  1. Thanks for always posting right after I post. Really helps my blog traffic. :)

    I am really bummed for you...too much junk, but I am impressed at your reaction. I'm proud of you! I know it isn't easy. And pooping on the potty is a serious victory! Go Bennett!

    Seriously though, I have always been an optimist and even I can see progress in my thinking and outlook over this past year. Internal changes really do work their way out. It is really cool. I am excited that you are seeing that difference, too!

    (not sure if this makes sense, but I have to go bake cookies now no time to daughter is threatening to eat the gingerbread house if I don't)

  2. It's far, far more inspirational to hear that Bennett is peeing and pooping on the pot. You must realize that my blog covers about 1/16th of my life. The other 15/16ths are unbloggable.


  3. I can commiserate with you on the torn muscle. I did something to my left-mid back this week, and it hurts to breathe. It's better tonight, so maybe the massage and the Ibuprofen are helping. Hope your pain eases soon!

  4. A few days ago while perusing your fascinating blog a link to the right caught my eye. It should have come with a warning label that the content would suck me in to a black hole (like the LHC he is so fond of mentioning will produce). Yes, it was the blog of your BFF SD. While external forces in the universe compelled me to read the entire contents, archives and all, my home has become a postcard for post apocalyptic decor. I need to go explain to my daughter that I am in fact her Mommy and not a piece of furniture in the corner. I blame you of course ;-) and hopefully her therapy bills won't result in our homelessness.

  5. Sorry about that. I lose many people to SD. His dojo is far superior to mine. His blog gets so many people talking, his comments sections is always on fire.

    I've tried to figure out maybe some way to have him killed, but I just can't afford it. Besides, I know he'd just haunt me all the time if I did that, and I have enough problems.

  6. (bowing to you) Sensei- every dojo has their own unique mojo. Your dojo's mojo is magnifico.

    Can you tell I am in deep need of sleep?

  7. Damn good thing I don't read your blog or the comments.

    (Like I don't haunt you already?)

  8. I thought all men's dojo's were the same!


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