Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Side Dish Drama Continues

When will this family/disabled child blog actually return to its roots? Soon I promise!!! Probably should, too, as the readership continues to plummet. Oh well, waddya gonna do? I write this for a few key people that I picture in my head, and always have. And for me, too, and the preservation of my melon.

Anyone else that gets anything out of it is an extra blessing. Would I love it if it was more popular? Yeah, sure, I'm still a HUMAN BEING (at least...I think I am...sometimes) and I know ways I could get it more exposed. But I gotta balance my priorities I suppose.

I do have some Bennett-related stuff I want to get to, but I am still dealing with my friggin' computer, not to mention a nasty post Christmas stomach virus for the past two days. least I didn't go the 'Yule Log' route this post was originally headed. Even I have my limits.

You can thank me later.

As far as the computer goes, as it turns out, it was not a Fried Monitor at all.

It was Fried Graphics Card.

I tried a bit of an experiment at the suggestion of Dr. McCoy. Not THAT one...though that would be super cool, I'm talking about the computer physician who gives the medicine to all my computer stuff all the way from the East Coast, my good buddy Chad.

I plugged the monitor in to Jen’s desktop. For 2 days it worked like a charm. Not a problem at all.

So I opened up my machine.

Wow. It was OH so very dusty. I looked at the graphics card. I never knew it even HAD a fan. When I sprayed in there with one of those compressed air can thingies, the shit that came out?

HOLY GOD. It was like a terrorist attack.

Anyway, even after cleaning it really well, the fan would not turn at all with air blowing on it. With my finger, the fan was hard to turn at all. I was pretty sure that what was happening was that the card was overheating. It was a reasonable explanation for the behavior, since the monitor would work for a time, then I would have to shut down for a while, then boot up later when the computer was cold, then it might work a day or so later, and as long as I never let the computer heat up too much.

This hypothesis was confirmed by another computer genius, my bro-in-law Eric, who took the graphics card out at our Christmas Party on Monday and removed the fan and confirmed that it was, in fact, and he used technical computer-speak jargon I had a little bit of difficulty understanding, 'Fucked'.

So Chad helped me pick out a new Graphics Card and it was ordered and it is on the way, and it will have to suffice for the time being because a full computer replacement, sorely needed on that 2005 fossil, just isn't in the budget right now. Won't be for a LONG time.

But hey? Could have been a HELLUVA lot worse, yeah?




  1. I always love to hear your voice -- no matter what the subject. OK -- maybe not the football action figure stuff...

  2. i love hearing about you and your family..its the only thing i have to know that you are still my brother!hope you had a merry christmas. and i hope the family is diong well!love ya! your sis,Randi

  3. I read every one of your posts Ken. Top to bottom. Glad Chad and Eric rode to the rescue :)

  4. Glad the new graphics card should fix it. Hopefully not too expensive either! Hope you guys have a great new year!


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