Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What's a Good Side Dish for Fried Monitor?

Never fails does it?

You get all excited because you know that TIS THE SEASON. You know that some extra cash is going to be coming in. Gift cards, the green stuff itself, and you know that you'll probably have a little extra dough to play with this month because...well, it is just that time of year.

And there has been a little issue regarding the TV that we had been trying to solve for a while.

Now I know some people have a TV in every room, even in the crapper. We aren't those people. I also know that there are people who have only one TV, or who have a TV that is a piece of junk, and who would give their left one to have a TV like the one we have. So I do appreciate what we've got.

And we have a MONSTER.

Now, the MONSTER was purchased back when we weren't in the position we are in now. Jen had a different job, one that was...well, let's just say better. I had a...well, let's just say a future that was more...promising. We paid cash for it, AND we got it as the prices were coming down on these things, too.

We have two other TV's. Both are the older style tube televisions. A larger one is upstairs in my office, connected to the only other connection to the dish, but it is one of those enlarged bubble screens and it takes a small team of personnel to move the sucker, even though by measurement standards it isn't THAT big anymore. 30" or 32" or something.

A smaller one is in the kid's playroom, not connected to anything other than a DVD player, where Bennett watches ONLY The Wiggles DVD's. The boy will watch nothing else. least he is WATCHING something now. Only took 4 years. He used to never even look at the TV. But now...hey, Jeff, Murray, Anthony and Greg. Well, sometimes Greg. Now Sam. Poor Greg. But like I least Bennett is watching The Wiggles and I couldn't be happier.

Both TV's are pretty old.

OK, they're not THAT old.

So what was the problem?

Twofold. We wanted to get Carter a place to watch TV that WASN'T my office because...well, he's a 7-year old kid who like to go through all my stuff. Can't get him to NOT do that. So he's constantly getting into trouble. Gotta get him out of there. Having him watch TV on the MONSTER is OK...but I also like to play games (though less of them after Operation: UnPlugged).

So we planned to get a new TV since they aren't THAT pricey for a smaller size that we could slide into my office, get a team to move the incredibly heavy TV down here somewhere and maybe have it as a back-up and then shift Carter to the MONSTER and me and my X-Box to the office.

That was The Plan anyway.

Until Friday afternoon, when my computer monitor went nutty and fried itself into peaceful oblivion. I write this from my laptop. Murder on my Ulnar, but waddya gonna do? Don't have anything to plug into the desktop right now. So the writing has to be done on this little guy for the time being, and any fundages planned for that television shift will have to be diverted to a new Monitor.

Tis the SEASON. know the rest.



  1. My boys are getting a new tv for Christmas with an XBox360. I have caved, big time. The sole television we have is from 1994, and they claim to be embarrassed by it. I tell them it's our security system: when people consider breaking in, they take one look at the television and opt out. :)

  2. Sorry to hear about the computer monitor. That sucks. We have an old 35 inch tube TV. I think it literally must weigh 300 lbs. As you say, it takes a small team to move it :)


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