Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Think God Has Better Things To Do On Sunday Than Watch Tim Tebow

There. I said it.

Now get over it.

I'm not anti-God. I'm not anti-Denver Broncos. I'm not anti-Tim Tebow.

Granted, I am a little tired of the whole 'Tebow-Time' craze, but like most things in this nation, it is just that, a craze, and it will pass. The truth is I don't really care much about it in the long term.

Nor do I begrudge Tebow's expressions of his Faith. In fact, I commend them. Any person is entitled to express his beliefs however he chooses. I have great respect for players like Kurt Warner and Troy Polamalu, both Christians, who openly express and talk about their Faith...and take shots from fans and players alike about it.

What I can't stomach are the flock who somehow suggest, or hint, that God is somehow on Tim Tebow's 'side' because of his Faith, and by 'on his side' they mean not that his Faith helps him NOT JUST in his day to day life like it does for you and me, the regular folk, but they say it in a way that suggests that God somehow influences the outcome of the game itself. (Of course, when pressed, these individuals cannot explain how Denver lost the last three games of the season and backed into the playoffs with an 8-8 record ONLY because they are in the shittiest division in the NFL, but I digress.)

I find the concept of God putting the 'fix' in on a football game to be...monumentally ridiculous. Not to mention short-sighted.

Let's go for the obvious first...it's FOOTBALL, for Chri---, um, for Pete's sake...God is going to decide who wins the game and who loses it? Really? THAT'S what some being who has POWER ABSOLUTE is going to spend his time on?

Then can someone please tell me why...oh WHY, did he let the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl 43?

Kurt Warner is a tremendously devout Christian. Did you know that when he met his wife (to be), she had a child from a previous marriage, a child with a disability (Traumatic Brain Injury), and he didn't bat an eye? In fact, he treated Zachary with a love and dignity his own father never did? He's a good man, always involved in charitable organizations. I personally admire the guy like very few in the NFL. The typical Quarterback arrogance that usually attaches itself to any gunslinger who has success missed Warner, thankfully.

And of course, Warner is so open about his Christianity that other players often made fun of him.

And yet...God 'let' the Steelers with the Super Bowl. Hey wait a minute...didn't Big Ben go on to do all the stuff to those chicks...allegedly? God would know all that right, being OMNIPOTENT and all, yeah? How can that be the right thing to do, G-Man? I mean, is that just?

My point is, you can probably find a Christian on ANY football team. Or villains. So how can you say ONE Christian on ONE team is more worthy than the other, or more bad guys are on one team than the other, to make one team on the field more worthy of winning?


Which means, logically, that it shouldn't really be the case that one should surmise that God is guiding a spiral into the hands of a Wide Receiver for the winning touchdown. I just don't believe it.

Because like I have always said...if I believe THAT...then I also have to believe that God guided a brain tumor into my son's head. And I just can't believe in a Supreme Being that would be so very, very heartless.

There was a very wacky article on CBS Sports about certain numbers 'aligning' and how it kind of had significance, all relative to 'John 3:16', a passage from the Bible that Tebow used to wear on his eye tape back when he was allowed to. Thankfully, the NFL doesn't allow for that kind of 'personalization' of gear in the pros.

The article shows all kinds of connections, about how he threw for 316 yards, blah blah blah. Yadda Yadda Yadda.

And the fact is, that you can go in and come up with statistical analysis to back up ANY belief system. There are a TON of stats in any game, anywhere. IN fact, I love what one commenter said below the article.

'29 (Den points scored) x 23 (Pittsburgh points scored) - 1 (Tebow career playoff wins) = 666. Oh no!!!!!'

That pretty much sums it up right there for me.

Look, I'm not bashing Tebow. Or anyone else. And like I said, I admire anyone who is willing to put their Faith on the line and express it and put themselves out there and face possible ridicule. Hell, I've done it here.

But c'mon football fans, you have GOT to get over the whole Divine Intervention idea when it comes to the NFL and Tim Tebow. You just gotta.

Besides, everybody knows that God's favorite team is the Baltimore Ravens.



  1. I though God preferred the Vikings this year but obviously I was very very wrong.

  2. God hates football. I asked her. She fucking hates it.

  3. Totally with you on this one. (Except for that bit about the Ravens...)

  4. I don't know about you, but I'm hoping Denver goes to the Championships so the Ravens can CRUSH THEM. Bwahahahaha

  5. Well God or no God, us Cleveland gals were just a tad giddy that the Steelers lost:)

  6. Another reason to hate football -- it attracts the worst sort of evangelical Christian.

  7. We've had a Tebow fan for a long time in this house. Toby, who doesn't miss a beat, connected immediately with Tebow because of their shared "missionary & homeschooler" life experiences. This was before the Broncos.

    I'm a fan because my son is...and I'm a sappy-head like that.

    We never pushed Tebow on him. Though we are Christian family, so there is that draw too.

    Are there bandwagoners? Of course there are. Just like there are for any "winning" or "interesting" thing out there. Are they as annoying as all get out? Totally. Did I roll my eyes a the 3:16 reference. Sure. Although, I guess I do think God might just have a sense of humor too. I mean, really, who are we to try to bottle Him up in what He's interested in or not with our puny little sin-scarred minds? But I better stop before I get all "Jesus Freak" up in here. ;) I also think there are some Tebow fans that will connect with him deeply for a constellation of reasons. I think Toby is one of those fans. He's 10. That's what 10 year old boys do. That's why Jonathan is still all gushy over Cal Ripken. The Tim Tebow of his time.

    Would I much rather be watching something more Masterpiece Theater-y on Sundays? Yeah. But as long as Tobes is heart connecting with a really nice, wholesome, decent guy...I guess I can let him.

    Win or not...I think it's a great thing for my kid to have something that lights his fire towards positive things. And it was super cute when he Tebow-ed before his basketball game last night. They lost. But it was a special moment for Toby. And that's what matters to me.

    But I'm a sappy-head mommy...so what do I know?


  8. Couldn't agree more, Ken. And Elizabeth.

  9. Ha! We were apparently thinking some of the same things this week. Even after I blogged I saw a survey where the majority of people that voted said God favored Tebow over other NFL players. What?!

  10. Kirk: What does God need with a starship?
    McCoy: Jim, what are you doing?
    Kirk: I'm asking a question.
    "God": Who is this creature?
    Kirk: Who am I? Don't you know? Aren't you God?
    Sybok: He has his doubts.
    "God": You doubt me?
    Kirk: I seek proof.
    McCoy: Jim! You don't ask the Almighty for his ID!
    "God": Then here is the proof you seek.
    [Hits Kirk with lightning]
    Kirk: Why is God angry?
    Sybok: Why? Why have you done this to my friend?
    "God": He doubts me.
    Spock: You have not answered his question. What does God need with a starship?
    "God": [hits Spock with lightning; then addresses McCoy] Do you doubt me?
    McCoy: I doubt any God who inflicts pain for his own pleasure.


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