Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Back on the Horse

I showed up over at Fruitless Pursuits today (trying to get back in the groove a little). Inspired by a link sent to me in the comments section of yesterday’s blog by The Scott Family of Our Scott Spot (thank you very much) of a bunch of Muppet Cupcakes, today’s post is all about some very cool cakes.

And saying goodbye to them...for health reasons.

Elizabeth would be very sad.



  1. Glad you liked them!! :) (Too bad I suck at cooking, otherwise I could have taken it a step further and sent some to your family...)

  2. OMG! They were awesome! And you know I love you, Blogzilly, even if you do like football and action figures. I'd make you and your lovely family one of those cakes if I lived anywhere near you. Even the breast one.

  3. I had a little uptick in blog hits in spite of not posting for a couple of weeks. I saw that another blog had linked to my blog so I went and visited tonight. It made me laugh and think of you. It is written by a mom of 2 special needs kids (autism and Down syndrome). She had a bad day yesterday and blogged it here: http://www.mostlytruestuff.com/2012/02/days-like-these.html

    By the way, I really enjoyed the cake post. :)


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